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Welcome to C’MON MAMA.

Hi, my name is Mama. I’m okay with that word defining me. I actually love that it does.

I think it's silly to act like Motherhood shouldn't define us. It's the most powerful thing in the history of the world. I sure hope I'm defined by something that epic.Click To Tweet

I love Motherhood. I have a little boy & girl and my days are spent wrangling, entertaining, nurturing & understanding those two (or at least trying).

It turns out being a Mama is my favorite thing ever in the history of the world. And I really didn’t see that coming.

I knew I’d love having a family of my own because I come from an amazing one & family has always been my whole world. But I definitely underestimated how much I would love being a Mama. I’m a SAHM and I love that, too. And once again, I didn’t expect to. I had no clue I’d love being home all day with these little ones. But I freaking do.

I have a village. Those of you without villages, I bow down. I mean that. My amazing Husband & Family are right here in the trenches with me. We’re on the same team (Team Keep the Children Okay). I’ve got backup & can’t imagine doing this thing called raising children without them.

C'MON MAMA family photo holding hands on the beach


I live for the MOMents.

I’ve wanted to document & write about Motherhood since I became a Mama. That was in 2014. My world changed in a fast & furious way and I’ve never even peeked back because this is right where I’m supposed to be. And who I’m supposed to be.

I’m all in.

C’MON MAMA. Those are two of my favorite words. I hear it from my son & daughter all day, every day. I treasure those two simple words because I know one day they may not say them anymore. I love that my children want & need me all the live long day right now, even if it’s just to build a tower together that will be knocked down approximately 7 seconds later. Or to watch them do something for the 3478th time. It may feel freeing when they don’t, but that’s not a freedom I want. As long as they’ll say it, I’ll take it.

C’MON MAMA. I’m talking to you. We’re all on this incredible & insane Motherhood train together. It’s a helluva ride.

Being a Mama has given me endless hilarious and touching and maddening and beautiful moments. And I’m only a few years in. So that’s why I’m here. And maybe you can relate and that’s why you’re here, too.

Come one, come all, C’MON MAMA.

Motherhood is ours. You’re in the right place.


little boy holding mama's hands saying C'MON MAMA

I’ll follow him anywhere. Everywhere.




Sarah February 19, 2019 - 12:06 pm

I love the positive parenting style that you have! It really is nice to see other moms embracing motherhood the way you do! I love the way you are saying how much you love being a mom, I wish there were more moms that embraced motherhood the way you do!

C'MON MAMA February 19, 2019 - 1:44 pm

Sarah. Mama, your message means more to me than I can say. Everything you said is everything I feel about Motherhood & part of why I wanted to start C’MON MAMA. I felt like all I ever saw were sites & accounts with Mamas ragging on Motherhood and their kids for laughs. And I get it— I mean I KNOW how important a sense of humor is in life, especially as a parent aka the hardest job you’ve ever had. But sometimes it was just a little much. Because a lot of people talk about the crazy and the bad and the absurd, but there’s not a ton of talk about the beauty of it all. And about the sweetest love you could have ever imagined. Being a Mama is the most sacred thing in my life. And I don’t think it deserves to be cheapened alllll the time. ♥️ Thank you for saying what you did.

Jan Assimos August 20, 2018 - 11:39 am

I think Denny absolutely hit the jackpot when he married you, Christina! 👍 We loved being there for your wedding. What a joyful, wondrous day and evening that was! Your Christmas cards and baby announcements always bring a smile to my face! I just discovered your blog and love it! Y’all keep up the amazing love and life that you have. 😘

C'MON MAMA August 22, 2018 - 8:26 am

Jan, talk about making this Mama’s whole day! Whole week! Your message is the sweetest. Thank you for all the warmth from the very first time I met you. Yall have always been special to Denny & we loved having you at our wedding. Hope to cross paths sooner than later! And thank you for the love & support of C’MON MAMA!


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