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The perfect guy DOES exist. Just ask a BOYMOM.

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Turns out the perfect guy does exist. Just ask a BOYMOM.

Trust me, she will tell you. She’ll tell you that her little boy is the perfect guy.

And she’ll be right.

Because little boys are the dreamiest.

Everyone always talks about how much little boys love their Mamas. To be honest, I kind of thought that was just something people said when they find out you’re having a little boy. Like you might be disappointed that you’re not having a little girl, sooo they tell you how much little boys love their Mamas to make you feel better.

My first child was a little boy. He made me a Mom. A #BOYMOM.

When I was pregnant, everyone under the sun would tell me “Ohhhh, little boys sure do love their Mamas” whey they found out I was expecting a baby boy. I didn’t really believe them, but it didn’t matter because I was overjoyed about having a baby & already excited to join the famous #BOYMOM club.

But 6 years into being a BOYMOM, I can tell you that they’re right. Little boys really do love their Mamas.

In a way that only little boys can.

And 6 years into being a BOYMOM, I can tell you something else, too:

That little boy of yours is quite honestly the perfect guy.

Little boys are the most innocently romantic creatures on the face of the earth. I don’t know when they lose that, but my 6 year old son has the most tender heart I’ve ever encountered.

As wild and crazy as we #boymoms see our little dudes act, we also get to see them stop suddenly in the middle of a raging game of chase to kiss our forehead—before taking right back off & not missing a single beat.

There’s no such thing as the perfect guy, unless you’re talking about your young son. Because in that case, the perfect guy really does exist.

Every #boymom has met the perfect guy. He’s her little boy, and he’s what dreams are made of…


He’ll tell you you’re beautiful when you take your hair down from your daily ponytail or mom bun. Even if it’s ratty.

He’ll notice when you wear different earrings—he’ll know that they’re new & that he’s never seen them before.

He’ll find his sister’s tiny pony tail holders on the floor and propose to you with them.

boymom son proposes to mom

Of course I say YES. Every single time.

He’ll pick every flower he can find just for you, and tell you to put them in a vase to keep them safe.

He’ll tell you he’ll always take care of you and always be yours. (and you’ll believe him)

He’ll put your face in his (often sticky) hands and look into your eyes in the sweetest way you’ve ever experienced.

He’ll tell you the totally uncensored, unfiltered, unsugarcoated truth. For better or for worse.

boymom meme

And he’ll somehow do it tenderly. Like the time I had a raging eye infection and he told me I was still beautiful even though my eye “looked super smushy.”

He’ll ask you to snuggle with him regularly.

He’s big on the PDA. And never afraid to show it.

He’ll have a favorite outfit you wear. And he’ll always tell you how much he loves it when you wear it.

His favorite dress on me

He’ll hug you so hard that you’ll know he means it, yet so soft that you’ll know he’s trying to be gentle.

He’ll pick up every leaf he finds on the ground and give it to you as a little token of his love.

He’ll think you’re gorgeous even when the rest of the world acknowledges the hot mess you really are.

He’ll idolize you. In a beautiful, healthy way.

boymom mom drinking coffee with son

He’ll be your shadow.

He’ll go from being a total wild child to the ultimate snuggle bug the second you reach your arms out.

He’ll constantly bring you the special rocks he finds.

He’ll actually gasp—out loud—when you get dressed up. (Ahem, men—take note.)

He’ll tell you he’ll miss you during the night when you tuck him in, because the morning when he gets to see you again is too far away.

boymom snuggle meme

He’ll notice how soft your shirt is.

And your fingernail polish. He’ll always notice when you change your polish.

He’ll make you bracelets out of play-doh and pizza dough. And you’ll wear them like they’re made of diamonds because, well—they might as well be.

I would wear it forever if I could.

He’ll hold your hand. Tightly. For the world to see.

And he’ll hold you when you cry. Even when he’s a little kid. He’ll comfort you like you comfort him.

He’ll want to protect you even when he’s a quarter of your size. And he’ll be so confident about it that you’ll almost believe he can.

He’ll want you to be the villain so he can be the superhero (over & over & over), and then when he’s finally exhausted from saving the world he’ll ask, “Can you be Mama again now?”

boymom superhero mom hack

He’ll make you feel more loved & adored than you ever thought possible.

He’ll make you so thankful that you get to be a BOYMOM. Because there’s really nothing quite like it.

He’s your son, and he’s perfect.

Whew, little boys will make you swoon.

And sweat. And run. And keep you on your toes.

But boy oh boy will they melt your heart.

Romeo’s got nothing on a little boy. 💙


If you want to meet the perfect guy, just look to your son.

boymom mother and son moment

Thank God for little boys.


Are YOU a #BOYMOM? What do you love most about it?


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The perfect guy DOES exist. Just ask a BOYMOM.
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