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40 Father’s Day Gift Ideas he’s guaranteed to LOVE


These Father’s Day Gift Ideas will cover all the men in your life—from husband to your own dad to your son to your brotherand every man in between.

You’re welcome.

Oh, and these are things he’ll actually use.

If the men in your life are anything like mine, they’re tough to buy for! Maybe because it seems like they already have everything they need so it’s hard to find things that they’ll actually use and not just sit on their desk or dresser and never touch again.

I used to give my husband cute, kitchy stuff but it I stopped doing that because 1) it was a waste of money and 2) we’re drowning in stuff like that because we have young kidsI definitely didn’t want to add to the “stuff that serves no purpose” piles, ha. #parenthood

I’m not a minimalist, but I do like to get people things they’ll actually use.

And almost all of these Father’s Day gift ideas are Amazon Prime, which means you’re not late. You’re right on time. ๐Ÿ™‚

This post includes affiliate links.


Daddy & Me Mug Set: Cutest Father’s Day gift for only $10! Perfect gift for their Dad “from them.” I bought 2 sets so I could have a mug for each kid. I’m giving one of the Dad ones to my hubs & one to my own Dad. Win win.

The mugs are the perfect sizes, too. I’ve been wanting a real “mini” mug for my kids for awhile. And the large one is the perfect size for my hubs who loves ☕ (almost) as much as me.

Legit Meat Thermometer: If your Dad or Husband or Brother or Son or any man in your life who likes to cook/grill/smoke meat doesn’t have a good meat thermometer, voila! Congratulations, you’re done shopping! And I’m not talking about a dinky meat thermometer. Everyone has one of those. I’m talking about a legit one. A solid meat thermometer is uncomparable. Enter the Thermapen.

Wine Stopper: My husband used to love cocktails. Then he loved beer. Now he is Team Wine. This is the wine stopper to end all stoppers. It has an airtight seal, is easy to use, and it legitimately doesn’t leak—even when you lay a bottle on its side. It even fits champagne bottles for when you’re feeling fancy.

Wine Foil Cutter: Necessity.

Electric Wine Opener: I enjoy opening wine now. So maybe this is a slightly selfish one. But my husband LOVES it. So maybe it’s not. Super easy, super powerful.

It’s so fast & easy that used my husband’s one day (I had given it to him for Father’s Day, of course) and never gave it back. Had to buy him a new one because I flat out stole the one I had given him.

Reidel Wine Glasses: Reidel is the brand. It just is. So no need to look any further. It has the super thin rim and the elegant profile. If he doesn’t have a nice set of wine glasses, get this classic set that can be used for white or red.

Coffee frother: Why does this thing make coffee taste SO MUCH BETTER? We are both obsessed with it. We even travel with it. If he’s a coffee drinker (with cream/milk because it wouldn’t do much for black coffee), he’ll love it.

The World’s Strongest Coffee: Throw in a note that says “For the World’s Strongest Man.” Done.

Big Yeti Cup: Every man needs a token Yeti cup. Plus, they really are superior to the rest.

*Pro Tip: Put these Vinyl letters of his initials on it to make it custom for like $5.

Apron: The waxed canvas is key. So so durable, and so so 🔥 on him. (*Also love this waxed apron that comes in different colors on Amazon)

Grill Set: Hearth & Hand does it again.

Pizza Screen: Does he have a Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe? Pizza is our favorite thing to make on our smoker, I kid you not. It took us years to figure out how to get the pizza out of the face-melting BGE. This is the answer. And it’s also so convenient to make the pizza right on it.

Legit Steak Knives: Several years ago my husband was at his friend’s house for dinner & he literally texted me about how amazing the guy’s steak knives were. He totally fangirled over them. “They slice everything like butter.” I kid you not, he couldn’t stop talking about them. So of course the next day I called the friend & got the deets. They are expensive and they are awesome. Def one of the cases where “you get what you pay for.”

Note: Wüsthof has a Classic knife line & a Gourmet Knife Line. Both are great, but the Classic line is the real deal because it’s fully forged as opposed to laser stamped = which means it’s heavier, sharper, and a lot more expensive.

*Here is the set of Gourmet Steak Knives if you don’t want to drop that much cash on knives.

Air Fryer: It’s all the rage. My Dad is obsessed with his. I think it’s akin to how women love their crockpot/instant pot. Calm down. Not that women wouldn’t love this, but the truth is you’ll have a hard time pulling me away from my crockpot. No shame in my slow-cooker game. BUT, I know sooo many men who freaking LOVE their air fryer.


fathers day gift yeti cooler

YETI Backpack Cooler: If you need a WOW gift, this is it. Truly one of the greatest things I’ve ever bought my husband. We use the heck out of it because we have kids & already don’t have enough arms as it is. The backpack style distributes the weight & keeps it from feeling too heavy. It’s our go-to cooler, every time.

YETI Attachable Bottle Opener: Gotta accessorize that pimp cooler. This awesome pull bottle opener latches onto that YETI cooler (& even of their soft coolers). It comes in so handy—no more searching for a bottle opener! (On Amazon here)

YETI Dry Bag: My husband specifically said he needed somewhere better to keep his phone & wallet dry & safe and not just floating around in our enormous beach bag with all the toys & all the sand. It also attaches directly to soft-sided coolers like our beloved backpack one above.

Bluetooth Speaker: This thing is MIGHTY. It’s loud & the sound quality is awesome. It’s also waterproof & holds a charge forever. And the bluetooth connection works great. My husband actually got me this for Christmas and it has taken the place of the much larger, much more expensive bluetooth speaker we used to use. It’s just so much more convenient than pulling out a big bulky one.

If he needs a pocket-sized speaker that still packs a big punch, this one is excellent. We have 2 & use them on everything from bike & golf cart rides to letting our kids jam out to their fave songs. (also available at Target)

Sunscreen Flasks: Alright, this is a useless yet fun one. Totally a novelty item but he’s here for it and has used it on more than one occasion. It’s always a big hit with all the men.

Corn Hole Boards: Classic.

*Up the ante with LED lights. Go for just the ring light or light up the whole board.

Bocce Ball: Another classic. Perfect for the beach or the yard. (Bocce requires more space to play than corn hole, so keep that in mind.) *Target also has a handsome bocce ball set if you want a chicer bag.

The resin set is the classic heavy bocce ball set. This is the one we’ve always had. But, they also have a lighter rubber one that would be easier to transport & better to play with kids.

Golf Cart Cup holders: When will vehicle manufacturers get the memo that PEOPLE NEED MULTIPLE CUPHOLDERS??!! These are everything. I’m not lying when I say that I ordered 6 different “universal cup holders” to test out on our golf cart that can fit 6 people & legitimately has ONE cupholder. Whoever made that decision should be let go. Anyways, these cupholders are 💯. They don’t budge, even on huge bumps. Yes, they hold the big Yetis. We have 5 of these on our golf cart. 6 people to 11 cupholders is a much better ratio.

Golf Cart Storage Box/Caddy: Turns out our golf cart is actually storage deficient, too. So Amazon to the rescue again. I ordered a bunch of golf cart storage solutions to try (to hold stuff like sunglasses, garage opener, hand sani (we have kids), chapstick, etc. and this one won by a landslide. All the ones that mount with the “strongest velcro or adhesive ever” or whatever … just no. They didn’t even last for a single day in the humidity where we live before falling off. These caddies mount to the bars of your golf cart & come with a bunch of different size mounts so you can use the size that works for yours. We have two on each side.

Cigar Golf Cart Clip: Final golf cart thing. But this is not just a cart thing, it’s a golf thing. My husband only smokes a cigar when he plays golf. IDK why but it’s a thing. He says the “stage 5 clinger is a must.” That’s what this thing is. Gotta admit, love the name.

FATHER’S DAY GIFT IDEAS: Around the House/Yard

Airpods: Full-proof gift right here. I’ll admit that I used to think cheap bluetooth ear buds were as good. I was super, super wrong. I finally sucked it up and bought some Airpods. Instantly loved them. Then I bought my husband a pair. He instantly loved them, too. Yes, they’re $$, which is why I never bought them before. They’re worth it, especially if he has in iphone because it just makes it so damn easy! Of course they sound great for tunes (hello gym, bike rides, runs), but the voice clarity for calls is unmatched, too (hello conference calls). *I linked these from Target because most locations have them in stock & you can do Drive Up pickup in 2 hours. BOOM. Done.

father's day gift guide dad blowing up bike tire with air compressor

Air Compressor: One of my fave things my husband ever bought himself because we use it ALL the time. It inflates car tires, bike tires, stroller tires, sports balls, beach balls, inflatable pools, giant swan floats (just sayin), etc. The best part is you just enter the PSI you want it to inflate to & it does it automatically.

Couch Blanket Big Enough for Him: About 7 years ago my husband said all he wanted was a blanket big enough for him on the couch. He’s a tall guy & all our blankets were like throw blankets. So I got him the king-sized 96×80″ and it’s been the entire family’s favorite blanket ever since. My hubs still uses it almost nightly.

Digital Photo Frame: My husband actually give this frame to ME, bu we are equally as obsessed with it. And if I’m being honest, he probably adds more photos to it than I do. And real talk: It’s a joy to see all your favorite pictures & memories throughout the day. We LOVE it. And it’s both a sweet and cool gift.

Pro tip: A digital picture frame also makes the perfect gift for Grandfathers!! Whether they live 5 minutes away or 5 states away, they will love it. And don’t worry—they won’t have to “do anything” to make it work! It’s

Your Father’s Story journal: I just came across this and think it is the neatest thing. So special. You give it to your Dad & he fills it out to share his life with you. Honestly, the older I get the more I realize I wish I knew about my parents’ lives and history. This is a simple, beautiful way to find out.

Hanging Toiletry Bag: Great travel bag or even to throw in his gym bag.

Mini/Travel Cologne: Manly cologne for manly dudes. No frills.

Porch/Patio Heater: This is the basic mushroom one you see at restaurants and it’s the best & most reliable. We’ve tried the cool looking ones with fire running up the middle & they 1) don’t put out as much heat and 2) are so finicky. This one works.

Fire Poker/Stoker: It’s a poker. It’s a stoker. It’s cool. It seriously has a built-in air valve that you can use to stoke the fire. It also is extra long so you don’t have to get too close.

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks: If he ever builds fires, these are a great gift from the kids/grandkids. They’re so handy & the telescoping handle is perfect.

FATHER’S DAY GIFT IDEAS: Giant Projector Set Up

***If you want to WIN Father’s Day, skip the rest & just get this setup:

fathers day gift ideas outdoor projector

We have an amazing outdoor projector setup. It’s EPIC. So much fun for movies, sports & everything in between. It’s honestly the BEST. And sooo easy. I always thought setups like this were astronomical and/or very involved to setup. This one takes about 5 minutes flat. Our kids love it. We love it. Our friends love it.

Below is everything—and I do mean everything—you need.

Projector: I can promise you this projector is unbeatable. (wellll, unless you want to pay 2 or 3 times as much). Its price is in line with all the other projectors in the same echelon but it performs SO much better…and I should know, because I literally ordered & tried 6 different projectors to make sure I got the best. It projects a picture bright enough to see in broad daylight which is nearly impossible to find. (We have the XGA model. It has higher resolution than the SVGA. The WXGA has the highest resolution & is widescreen formatted. I’m very happy with the XGA. I think the brightness is the same on all.)

(We used to have a different projector that just never projected bright enough so we could never use it unless a room was pitch black…and we couldn’t all fit in a closet so it was a no go. So glad we finally got a better one because now we use it allll the time.)

*Pro Tip: We use our firestick with it but you can plug in a phone or computer with HMDI adapter. The firestick is only $30 & just makes it so simple for Netflix, Disney +, Youtube, YoutubeTV (helloooo sports!), Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

Screen: We have this screen in the 80″ 16:9 configuration. We’ve had it for 4+ years. There is zero setup & I think that’s why we use it so often. So easy.

*Here are 2 other options that are more reasonable & get really great reviews that I would look at today if we didn’t have a screen already: Tripod Base Screen, 2-legged Screen

Stand: I went without a stand for years with our old projector. I’d literally just prop it up on books or random boxes & try to get it the right height. I wish I’d bought the stand years ago. It makes it so stable and so easy to adjust for the right height. The legs adjust at 2 different spots on all 3 legs so you can actually get it even on uneven ground.

Long AUX Cable: If you want to hook up to a louder speaker (it has a speaker included but a louder speaker is a game changer), you need an AUX cable.  You can use a short AUX cable & put the speaker right by the projector or you can use a long one to put the speaker somewhere else further from the projector. It doesn’t have bluetooth speaker connection (none of the ones I tried did), so you need an AUX cord. (Most bluetooth speakers still have an AUX input so you can likely use a speaker you already have!)

3 outlet Extension Cord: I love this one because it has the 3 outlets I need for projector, speaker, and Firestick.

Case: I love having one bag for everything we need for the projector setup. It has little areas for organizing the remotes, cords, etc.


Father/Kid Matching Shirt Set: A perfect Father’s Day gift. The pizza & fry sets get me every time. (pssst – they have matching onesies for the littlest ones!)

Swim Trunks: Tis the season after all! Tons of great designs, perfect length, so comfy, & look grrreat. This is my hubby’s fave style.

Family Swimsuits: Target just launched a family swim collection and it’s perfect. Would make such a great Father’s Day gift. Coordinating trunks for the boys is my fave part, but they have matching suits for the Mamas & girls, too, so the whole fam can match!

*Also, I finally found some Father & Son Matching Swim Trunks on Amazon, too. So cute. Get the Dad swim trunks here & the kid swim trunks here.

World’s Okayest Dad Shirt: My husband bought this for himself when I found out I was pregnant with our first. 6+ years later it’s still one of his all-time faves. If your man or your dad has a sense of humor, he’ll love this!

The Golf Father Shirt: For all the golfers out there. My husband & Dad both love this shirt. ⛳

Diversified Portfolio Golf Shirt: My husband is going to looooove this. One of my gifts for him this year. Again, for all the golfers. ⛳

Fun Boxer Briefs: You can’t go wrong. You know he’ll wear them. And he’ll love these cheeky (pun intended) designs. I’m partial to the chick magnet ones myself.

Athletic Shorts: My husband has worn the same 2 pairs for 10 years. He recently commented he needed some new ones in the mix. Bingo.

Silicone Wedding Rings: When we got married, I gave my husband a Tungsten ring. Not expensive, but an extremely strong metal and very simple & “manly.” I had it engraved & everything. After several years, he lost it. He’s a surgeon & he has to take it off during surgery, so he’d typically put it in his scrubs shirt pocket during surgery. Well, it fell out somewhere along the way. I bought him another. He lost that one at some point, too. Then I wised up & switched to a silicone ring. He loved it. And then he lost it. So then I bought him 3 for Valentine’s Day one year.

It’s ridiculous, I know. Absurd really. BUT if he didn’t wear it to work this wouldn’t be a problem, so I can’t reallyyyy be upset. I want him wearing it as much as possible because he is 🔥 & want the world to know he is claimed. I wish he’d just get a tattoo already.

Bottom line: this silicone ring is so comfy. He can wear it to the gym. And he can golf in it. He still can’t wear it during surgery, but at least it’s not expensive. This brand is comfier to him than several of the other brands we tried because the edges taper so it’s not as tight or bulky, according to him.

*Pro tip: Free returns on these (thanks Amazon!), so it’s helpful to order a couple sizes to have on hand to try for him & then you can just send the extras back. Also, you can pull/stretch them some before you wear them & that helps it be extra comfy.

**Pro Tip: You can also get a Father’s Day card online—I know, I know. But trust me on this—the selection of Father’s Day cards is amaze (everything from super sweet to hilariously inappropriate) & the prices are better than most store prices for cards! So order your Father’s Day gifts, your Father’s Day cards, and voilà. You’re done. And you nailed it.

Well there goes my whole heart, just walking down the street.

Let’s celebrate the Dads & Father figures. Because they’re important, too.

And he lived Happily Ever After. Because he had such a great Father’s Day. The End.

Looking for gifts for HER? Don’t worry—I’ve got you covered with these perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

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40 Father\'s Day Gift Ideas he\'s guaranteed to LOVE

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