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C’MON MAMA Mama Bear Hats (with Cub!)


HOORAY!! The C’MON MAMA hats are officially (finally) here! 🤩

The hats come in 2 styles—Vintage Charcoal & Denim Trucker. I LOVE THEM BOTH.

Trust when I say they fit great (not bulky) & are super comfortable. They’re both adjustable. And these hats just look gooood.

(& you Mamas agree! Just check out all those pics of yall rocking your C’MON MAMA Mama Bear hats!)


Vintage Charcoal Hat

Fitted “baseball” hat with that perfect vintage look. Leather strap adjustable back. C’MON MAMA Mama Bear & Cub logo on front + C’MON MAMA side detailing. 
C'MON MAMA Mama Bear Hat

Vintage Charcoal Hat

Click here to buy Vintage Charcoal Hat!


Denim Trucker Hat

Fitted denim trucker hat with that perfectly “worn” look. Adjustable back. C’MON MAMA Mama Bear & Cub logo on front + C’MON MAMA side detailing.
C'MON MAMA Mama Bear Hat

Denim Trucker Hat

Click here to buy Denim Trucker Hat!


I’ve been trying to get these hats made for almost 2 years.

  1. I blame #momlife
  2. I knew which hats I wanted to use & it was hard to find a company that stocked them
  3. The first rounds of embroidery were disappointing & inconsistent. The logo is my fave thing so I had to have it perfect.
  4. Pandemic + quarantine. Need I say more?

***ALSO YALLLLLL.Take a close look at my logo below. What makes it special is the little Baby Bear Cub I designed within the Mama Bear! (it’s trademarked!)

I just found out my own mom & sister never knew that. I’M SHOOK. But in case you didn’t know that either—now you do. Just look at that Mama & Cub. 🐻♥️🐻


Every hat order comes with a C’MON MAMA Bumper Sticker/Laptop Decal!




C\'MON MAMA Mama Bear Hats (with Cub!)

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Dianna Valenzuela January 2, 2021 - 9:51 am

Love it! Just ordered. What about a size for the cub? 😉

C'MON MAMA January 5, 2021 - 12:19 pm

YAY!! Thank you, Mama! (and lots of people have asked about a Cub hat…we just may have to make that happen!) 🐻🐻

Julie Gilbert September 15, 2020 - 1:19 pm

Hey! Trying to order a charcoal hat and it keeps routing me to PayPal. What am I doing wrong??

C'MON MAMA September 15, 2020 - 2:13 pm

Hi! After you push “add to cart” it should take you to a page that says ‘PayPal Checkout’ and then right under that it should say ‘Checkout, without a PayPal account.’ And that should let you just use credit card! It is always confusing when the PayPal option is there because it shows it first 😛 Sorry! Let me know if it’s still not showing/working.


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