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Unbeatable Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids


This is THE list of Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids.

Basically, I’ve done all the work so you don’t have to. Like you, I live & breathe my kids. Andddd I’m a researcher. And review reader. And a tryer of all the things (thanks, Amazon, for the endless free returns!).

These are the best Christmas gifts for kids all rolled into one post.

Big stuff. Little stuff. And everything in between.

I’ve included the things we’ve bought over the past 7+ years that we’ve loved & that are still in use today. Our “holy grail” things that have been BIG wins.

And did I mention every single thing on this list is Amazon Prime or Target? (Because lbh, we know expedited shipping is CLUTCH in #momlife … and because Target Drive Up is my new love language. Which means, don’t worry—you’re not late buying gifts—you’re right on time. The gifts will be there on time. Hallelujah!)

Alright, let’s do this!



kids christmas gift ideas arts & crafts

Jumbo Rainbow Magnadoodle: One of the best things I’ve ever bought for my kids. We use them daily. And I do mean daily. I draw pictures on it every few nights for my kids & it’s one of the things they look forward to the most. When we go out on a date night (pre-pandemic ha), I always leave a note on them when we get home so that when they wake up in the morning & see a new pic they know we came home & checked on them. Both kids draw on theirs every single night.

LCD Rainbow Writing/Drawing Tablet: So cool. This is just like a Boogie Board, only less than half the price. It also comes with an extra pen & stylus and has rainbow “ink.” We keep one for each of my kids in the car at all times. *I appreciate that the button battery (one of my greatest fears) is secured with a screw! (many of them in similar products aren’t)

Mega Puffy Sticker Pack: WIN!!! My mother-in-law sent us these & it’s the gift that keeps giving. And giving. Kids LOVE stickers. Parents LOVE puffy stickers. Why? Because they’re the one true sticker that kids can easily play with autonomously. I hate regular stickers because my kids can’t peel them off by themselves. These puffy stickers are the bomb. I can put down 10 sheets and my kids go to town for a solid hour. This is a great joint gift for kids.

Easel: We use ours often & I always love how my kids magically turn into little Picassos & take their work so seriously. This easel has adjustable legs so it can be a floor or table easel…and grow with them. I love that both my kids can use it at the same time. Pair it with this XL easel paper pad— (sooo much easier than the roll) & our personal fave KwikStix (details below).

KwikStix: I’ve talked about these so many times before. I wrote a whole article about how KwikStix are a total mom hack. They are basically the perfect paint/crayon hybrid. And superrrr washable. We use them for EVERYTHING. (*Get the big box if you want alllll the colors.)

Baby/Toddler Water Easel: For the super young ones, this is awesome. Paint with just water. 100% mess free. Let their creativity soar with just water. It dries in minutes & they can do it all over again.

Make Your Own Puzzle: Bank white puzzles that kids can color on & decorate to make their own. So fun. Kids can be super abstract in their artwork (just mine?), so it will be fun for them because THEY will know how the pieces fit back together even if I don’t. *I recommend using crayons, colored pencils, or permanent markers. Regular markers take too long to dry & will be smeared in the process.

Mini Sketch Pad: My kids are obsessed with these little sketch pads. They love having their own “journals” or “books” & even sometimes turn them into never-ending sticker books. Also love these mini Doodle Pads.

Electric Pencil Sharpener: Last Christmas we gave our son a big set of colored pencils & his own sharpener for his room. He LOVES it. And I mean looooves. (The world is weird. Now that we really don’t need electric pencil sharpeners anymore, we forget how cool they are for kids.)

Pencil” Box: This is just an all-around great container. My kids use theirs for their school pencil boxes, but they’d also be perfect for holding crayons/marker/scissors etc. at home. Great size. Designs= Frozen, Avengers, Superhero, Minnie Mouse…

BIG Picture Coloring Books: Great for younger kids & have every theme you could imagine.

Paint by Sticker: Such a neat activity that will keep your older kid engaged for some timeeee. (hallelujah for that!)

Dry Erase Boards + Markers: My kids refer to these as “magic” boards, because that’s kind of what they are. We forget how cool they really are. I used to LOVE when I’d get picked to write on the dry erase board in class. This size is perfect for them. My kids get so pumped when I pull these out.

Tie Dye Kit: This one is so easy & fun. My kids LOVE doing this. *Pro Tip: If you have a stainless sink do it in there and there is no mess/staining to worry about.

Rainbow Knit Loom: Ages 7+ and so much fun. Simple enough to do but impressive enough to feel a major sense of accomplishment.



kids christmas gift ideas kids bike

Bike + Basket

Scooter: IF YOUR KID DOESN’T HAVE ONE OF THESE STOP & GET ONE RIGHT THIS SECOND. That’s how strongly I feel about these scooters. They are the best. Sooo easy for kids to get the hang of. So fun. My kids have been using them since a little before age 2, no lie. My son is 6 and still rides his constantly. He has the larger Maxi Version because he was an enormous child so we started him on that one. My 4 year old daughter has the mini.

Helmet: I love this helmet because it comes in different sizes & colors and it grows with them. And I love that it’s blank because my kids slapped their own little stickers all over theirs!

Bike: Love this brand. We have one for each of my kids. These bikes are super lightweight which made a huge difference in my kids learning to ride a bike. We tried another bike from Dick’s before this one, but it was just too heavy for my son. And he’s not a small kid. Also, it is nearly impossible to find an 18″ with training wheels, which is exactly what we needed. Avail in 14″, 18″ & 20″ sizes.

Bike Basket: I am in love with this basket. The Junior size is the perfect size for kids (the “kid” size is too small to be meaningful). This basket is large without being heavy & it doesn’t throw their bike off balance at all. They love having their own bike basket & I love that it doesn’t flop around. Oh, and I love that they can carry their own stuff in it. Hooray for free(ish) hands.

*For the smallest kids, this mini bike basket is perfect.

Bike Bell & Tassels: Because sometimes being “extra” is so much more fun. For the Spiderman fans, check out this bell. *Oh, and don’t sleep on spokes beads! My kids are getting them this year & are going to LOVE them.

Kid Skateboard: This 23″ board is the perfect size for kids. And it’s width gives it the stability beginning riders need.

*Don’t forget the pads! Skinned knees hurt. No matter how “big” you are.

Chalk: Great joint gift for kids. Our chalk stash is alwaysss in need of a refresher. A fresh set of chalk just feels good.

Bubble Gun: Enough said. This comes with 2 & I love that it has a larger “bubble reservoir” so you don’t have to refill it as much. Bubble guns are finicky & these have lasted great so far.

If you want something different, check out this jumbo bubble gun that blows big bubbles with smaller bubbles inside. It doesn’t have a reservoir—it’s a dipping bubble gun. Great choice for older kids.

*Bubble refill: You’ll need it. They’ll burn through the bubble solution so quickly because they’ll be so excited about their new bubble guns. Be prepared.

Slingshot: This is a quality toy. It doesn’t look like a toy. It looks authentic & awesome. And works just as awesomely. Guaranteed hit.

Bow & arrow: This soft-tipped arrow set is so much fun. My kids love playing with it & I love that the “arrows” are not pointy.

Walkie Talkies: Ahhh, the notoriously finicky gift that all kids love & then get frustrated over because they don’t work. This is the most reliable set I’ve found. Phew. They come in a set of 2 or 3 & you can add on more.

Laser Tag: An epic gift for bigger kids. I used to looove playing laser tag growing up. This is a set of 4 with laser shooters & vests. Make sure you stock up on AAA batteries, because once they start playing they might never stop. (Adults have been known to join in the fun, too). *These laser tag “guns” have 4 “gun style” options so if guns are a no-go in your house, you may want to skip.

Treasure Map: So simple & yet so awesome. It’s waterproof & so fun for outside. Also rip-proof. Basically kid-proof.

Light up Football: With the nights getting dark early, this glowing football is awesome. Basketball also available.

Dodgeball Set: How fun is this?? Love the colors & that they’re a bit softer than the norm.

Explorer Vest: Perfect for little adventurers. Throw in a flashlight, magnifying glass, binoculars & call it a day. Or, you can get this vest with accessories.

Binoculars: These are awesome. Easy for kids to use, comfortable to look through, & with 8x magnification instead of a measley 2x magnification. The real deal.

Tree Face: The tree we put this face on instantly became an enchanted, magical tree. We had a tree face on one of our trees growing up & I’ve never forgotten about it. $20 is a cheap price to pay for some much-needed magic these days.

Outdoor Bell: If your kids have a swing set/fort/tree house, this bell makes an awesome addition. Of all the accessories I bought for my kids’ tree house, this is their hands-down fave.



Magnetic Tile “Blocks”: We play with these ALL the time. They’re the BEST. One of my fave toys I’ve ever gotten my kids, and one of their fave toys hands-down. Imaginations can run wild. These are cheaper than some of the more well-known brands but the quality is equal.

Magnetic tiles are seriously one of the best gifts you can give your kids. They will play with them for years & you can add to their collection year after year with different shape & color combos. Imaginations can run wild. PicassoTiles, Magnatiles, Skymags, etc., all work together flawlessly, which is part of the beauty of these tiles. You can interchange brands & sets to form the most epic sets ever.

*Up your collection by adding this “designer artistry” set. We always needed more tiles to keep building bigger castles & towers, and these solved that problem!

*This year we’re giving our kids this “ice” set. I see many, many ice castles in their future.

Bristle Blocks: Yet another fun toy to imagine & build with. Best for younger littles.

LEGO starter kit: The perfect introduction to all things Lego without being too complicated. If your kid is a Lego affiicionado, the Lego options are endless.

Lego Picture Frames: This is so neat. Let them build their own picture frames. I’m giving this as a joint gift to my kids this year & they’re going to love it. The entire Lego DOT collection is pretty fun with the DOT bracelets being one of the most popular items.

Lego Storage: Not gonna lie, I bought this because it’s just so cute. But, it’s also just so functional. My kids are now getting into legos which means thousands of little pieces everywhere. Save your sanity. **Also LOVE this Lego “Face” Storage that just launched at Target!

Classic Train Track: Not too much compares to a classic train track set. We’ve had ours for 5+ years & my two kids still LOVE playing with it.

Dinosaur Snap Race Track: Someone gave this to my boy for his 5th birthday & it is AWESOME. Love these flexible tracks. A fun spin on traditional train tricks.

Build your Own Flower Garden: This set has been a hit with my kids for 3+ years now. They make little gardens & flower arrangements all the time. Sometimes they make them so villains can destroy them, and sometimes they make little arrangements for tea parties. Anything goes. (I love that about kids).



kids christmas gift ideas board games

Kids Digital Camera: I looked at soooo many cameras before picking this one. This one is perfect: perfect size, perfect features, perfect storage…and super easy to use. We gave one to each of my kids last year (ages 5 & 3 at the time), and they have LOVED them.

Mini Polaroid Camera: For kids who are a little bit older, this is so fun. I love all these retro-ish items coming back around.

Audio/Story Player: THIS THING IS SO COOL. This is basically a small storytelling device that kids can use easily on their own. No screen, just listening. You buy little cards that they insert to listen to the story they want. They have some of the classic fave books available. It also has a “just for kids” daily podcast. The interface is super simple & cool. We find our 6 year old lying in bed or on his rug all the time just listening to this. Looove this screen-free creative option.

Light up Microphone & Bluetooth Speaker: We have 2 & use them ALL the time. They sing on them & also listen to their favorite songs on them (via Bluetooth from my phone). AND, they can sing along WITH the songs (not all of them let you do this). Also, the speaker for music & mic is loud enough. A karaoke machine without the machine, if you will.

Headphones: If they need their own pair, these are perfect. Comfortable & durable.

Board Games: Do not neglect some good old fashioned board game fun! Our faves: Hedbanz, Candyland, new diverse Guess Who?, Connect 4, original Guess Who?

Dino Dig: A dozen dino “eggs” that crack & chisel open to reveal a baby dino inside. Someone gave this to my son for his birthday & it was spot on. It was so cute watching them work intently hoping they were going to reveal the T-Rex. *For the dino lovers, there’s also a fossil dig kit version & this larger single fossil dig kit!

Gemstone Dig: My kids are obsessed with rocks. This dig set has one giant “rock” that you chisel open to “mine” for gemstones. Another great & fun way to keep your kids occupied doing something they love—digging!

Kid Yoga Mat: My kids were dying for their own yoga mats because my husband & I do yoga at home. It was sweet that they wanted to be like us. These yoga mats are the perfect size for kids & they’ll love the bright colors & designs.

Ukulele: This ukulele comes in a million different colors & with a strap & pick. IT’s a great set.

For the littlest ones, I love this natural, small ukulele.

Electric Guitar: Just their size. Comes with an amp, case, tuner, strap & cable. This thing is quality. The real deal. My husband has 6 guitars of his own & was super impressed by this little rock guitar.



Kitchen: (linked below) Playing house is one of every kid’s fave things to do. And how can you play house without a kitchen? (am I right or am I right? I feel like I might as well live in the kitchen.) My children play with their play kitchen every single day. No lie. If your kid doesn’t have a kitchen yet, this would be the perfect gift. And if your kid already does have one, make sure you get the below kitchen accessories & add-ons. They are golden.

For the kitchen itself, it’s a 3-way tie between this “classic” kitchen that comes in 3 colors, this “farmhouse” kitchen, and this “fancy” kitchen.

*BRB, I’m about to go re-do my real kitchen now.

Kitchen Accessories & Add-Ons:

Kid’s mop/broom set: Always a hit.

Dust Buster: Hear me out. Tell your kids it’s a mini vacuum—just their size—& give it to them to clean up their messes & endless crumbs with. They’ll love having their own & rise to the occasion. I discovered this by accident. You’re welcome.

Cardboard Playhouse Castle: I think this “life-size” playhouse castle is about the coolest thing ever. It is blank so kids can color all over it & make it their own. This would make an awesome Santa gift because it is a BIG present (with a small price tag!)

Wooden Castle: We’ve had this exact castle for 5 years & it still gets used all. the. time. By my son and daughter. It’s compact and opens up and is a total win. My son puts his dinosaurs, superheroes, and Beast & Gaston toys in it all the time. Right now it has become the Nutcracker’s castle. This little castle is one of my fave finds ever. (*They also have a pink one )

Indoor Playhouse/Fort: It’s beautiful. It’s large. Awesome for a playroom or bedroom!

Dollhouse: Santa brought a dollhouse for my little girl last year. A dollhouse is the stuff little girl dreams are made of.  *If you want a BIG dollhouse, this giant dollhouse is perfect!

*Don’t forget these dollhouse must-haves!

*And, I got these fairy lights to go inside it!

Baby Doll Stroller: We have this one & one of the 4 wheel strollers. This one is my kids’ fave & the fabric doesn’t slip/fall off like on our other one. It’s been in heavy use since three Christmases ago & is still perfect.

Baby Doll Cradle/Bed: Must-have if your kid likes dolls. Honestly, my son and daughter both play with our doll cradle equally. Sometimes the dolls are asleep, sometimes the Beanie Babies, sometimes the Superheroes.

Baby Doll High Chair: Must-have if your kid loves playing babies/house. We also saw this adorable clip-on one at a friend’s house & my kids were obsessed with it.

Baby Doll Carrier: So they can play Mama, the best job in the world.

Baby Doll Car Seat: Because #momlife.

***If you’re going full court press with Baby Doll & Accessories, this set has it all.

Dress-up isn’t just for Halloween! Don’t forget dress-up costumes.

Boys can play dress-up, too! And it’s one of my son’s fave things. He lives in this Barnum jacket and his Captain America costume.

Unisex Crowns: Fit my son when he was 1, fits him now that he is 6. Same for my daughter. They don’t hurt their head, they’re soft, and they’re the cutest. These crowns are one of my all-time fave finds & they get worn nearly every day. (This flower crown version is beautiful, too, and my son loves this black one.)

Sparkly dress-up shoes: I love that they can take these on & off by themselves. They velcro which is far superior to a buckle for little ones. I’m not a fan of the elastic banded ones because my kids have always had chunky feet & the elastic cuts into them.

Doctor Kit: Kids love playing doctor. It’s universal.

Cop Set: Cheap but fun. Yes, the handcuffs are flimsy & will likely break. If you want ones that won’t break, get these sturdier cuffs. My kids genuinely love to tie each other up and play good guy/bad guy. They also make me pull out wrapping paper ribbons to tie their hands so I am thrilled to give them handcuffs this year. (and ropes/ribbons/strings scare me because of strangulation hazards.)

Apron: For play, for cooking, for art.

Pteradon Wings: Can you tell my kids are currently dino-obsessed? These are SO much fun.

For the Avengers/SuperHero Fans:

Pirate/Captain Hook Hand/Hook: Off to Neverland!



Dinosaurs that Roar: If your kid is into dinosaurs at all, GET THESE NOW. Like click the link & Buy Now. You won’t regret it, trust me. They are big, they feel cool, and they roar. My son has 100 other dinosaurs but these take the cake & were a great addition to his ever-growing collection. (Seriously, these are so cool that they single-handedly made all the boys in my son’s class want to be the first one to school just so they could play with their favorite dinos from this set.)

Indominus Rex: This is the end-all-be-all if you have a dino lover in the house. Just trust me. My son has loved this toy ferociously for a year+. His friends all swoon over it.

Baby Indominus Rex: Just what it sounds like. Got this for my daughter this year & she’s going to flip out because she sees her brother playing with Indominus all day every day.

Gigantosaurus: Sticking with Dinosaurs for a second. If your kids like the show Gigantosaurus then this toy is so fun.

Giant Sequin Snake: My son wanted one of these so bad that he used his birthday money from Nana to buy his own & we had to scratch it off his Santa list. It’s big, fun & does that reverse sequin thing. Of course his sister had to have one, too. I can’t get over how inexpensive these are!

Jumbo Rubber Ducky: If your kids don’t have one, get one now. We have had 2 (one for each kid) for almost 4 years. I love that they have no hole in the bottom (they’re not squishy), so they can’t get any mold. They float perfectly & we play with them in the bath, in the kiddie pool, on “dry land” just because they’re fun, & have even taken them to the pool!

Don’t forget about toys/plushes from your kid’s fave tv show or book! Daniel Tiger is BIG around our house. These Daniel Tiger stuffed animals are perfect. Octonauts, Puppy Dog Pals, PJ Masks, Paw Patrol…You name it…there’s a toy.

Stretch Armstrong: The one & only. It stretches like crazy. That’s it. And yet it’s so so fun.

Goo Jit Zu: My son is a HUGE fan of these! New-age stretch armstrong-ish. They even have Marvel characters!

Mr. Potato Head: Would you believe I had forgotten about Mr. Potato Head? Not anymore. We are giving one to our kids this Christmas! *Potato Head toys have small parts so don’t spring for this until your kids are past the “putting everything in their mouth” stage.

Jumbo Rainbow Slinky: My kids have played with this for years. Literally years. I actually ended up cutting it in half so they could each have a section.

Garbage Truck: Kids are mesmerized with garbage trucks. It’s a thing. Get them their own.

Polly Pocket: OMG, remember these?

Rocking Horse or Animal of Choice: Classic. For the younger kids, a must-have. My 6 year old still rides his that we gave him for his 1st Christmas. *Bonus: they have the cutest other animals…everything from swan to flamingo to dinosaur.

***If you still have your old Beanie Baby collection at your parents’ house or in storage somewhere, go get those adorable things out right this second. My old Beanies are my kids’ all-around most-used toy. Because I had every animal under the sun, so no matter what we read or watch, they can always find a Beanie Baby to go along with it. Trust me, if you still have yours somewhere, find them.



kids christmas gift ideas clothes rain boots

Rain boots: These are our fave. My fave because they are easy for the kids to put on by themselves, and are the easiest thing ever to clean after really dirty, muddy days. Either just spray off or put in the washer. You can’t mess them up. They’re my kids’ fave because of the fun colors and they are SO lightweight & comfy. Again, they can put them on by themselves because they aren’t too narrow + the handles are great, and they can run in them without tripping. I always size up in rain boots.

Toddler girl light up sneakers: WE LOVE THESE. Fit true to size. SO comfy, so cute. We’ve bought 3 pairs. Your girl will loooove them. Guaranteed.

Little/Big Boy & Girl Light Up Shoes: My 5 year old has a big foot (size 1-2 boys) so it is hard to find him “little boy” shoes sometimes. I still want velcro for him. And he was dying for some new light up shoes. I got these for his Christmas this year & OMG THEY ARE AWESOME. He totally flipped. *They have girly colors, too.

Rainbow Sequin Jacket: My daughter had a fit over this jacket when I gave it to her.

Captain Marvel Zip Hoodie: This is so soft & the quality is amazing.

Captain America/Spiderman/Black Panther/Iron Man Zip Hoodie: My son looooves wearing this. Like wearing a costume without wearing a costume.

Rainbow shirt: This is one of my favorite shirts I’ve ever bought my daughter. It’s the perfect weight. So lightweight & soft. I’m adding the “Ready” one to her Christmas stash this year because I’m a sucker & it’s so cute, too.

Unicorn Sequin Flip Shirt: Need I say more?

Boys Sequin Flip Sweatshirt: IF YOU HAVE A SON BUY THIS NOW. Let me tell you, it is hardddd to find sequin flip shirts for boys. And of course boys want them, too. Because they’re awesome. This. One. Will. Be. A. Hit.

Pizza Shark Sequin Flip Shirt: I’m so glad they make “boyish” sequin flip shirts now. I swear a couple years ago there were virtually none, and my son loved them so much every time he saw one of his friends wearing them. This one is tops.

Marvel Shirt: This shirt is so handsome. Probably one of my top 5 faves on my son.

Pompom TuTu: I saw a tutu like this in Target but you had to buy a whole outfit set with it & I just wanted the tutu so I didn’t get it. I was so excited to find this one on Amazon! It’s so cute.

Slippers: Adorable & cute for boys & girls. Love that they have hard rubber bottoms so they don’t slip & they can run outside without getting feet wet.

Little Boy Undies: And these are our go-to little brief style (omg, the cutest!) And of course we have superhero undies.

Little Girl Undies: We have these in all the designs. Love them. Precious prints & they don’t rub.

Kids Watch: Both “Boyish” Watch & “Girly” Watch colors/designs. A classic, simple Timex analog watch. All the stuff you want in your little kid’s watch, none of the stuff you don’t (games, apps, etc.). I love having an analog watch for my son because it helps teach him to tell time & makes him practice daily. I also LOVE that this watch doesn’t have a buckle strap–it has an adjustable elastic strap & they can slide it on by themselves. The strap is also soft so it’s comfortable for them. And the price can’t be beat.

*If you want a “smart” watch for your kid, this one is a good option.

Hair bows: This is my favorite set. Every color she could want. I love the size because they’re only 3″. But, I know some of you Mamas scoff at anything under a 6″ bow. I gotcha.

*These rainbow bows are guaranteed to be a hit, too! And these sparkle bows, too! My daughter LOVES her sparkle bows.

*Don’t forget the most amazing unicorn bow holder you’ve ever seen. She will die.

Caboodle: Because old habits die hard. Your little girl will love having her own special box. Fill it up with these “necessities”–



Colorful Water bottle/Thermos: My kids just told me last week that these are their favorite cups ever. We have every single color. *We get the straw lid because the spout lid pours too fast for my kids. For older kids, might be fine. (I like these better than the Yeti kids because the Yetis are much heavier & the handle stays up & gets in their way when they’re trying to drink.) *I usually put one of these in their stocking each year.

Rainbow Utensils: GET THEM. They are awesome. My kids loooove them. They are a great step up from the toddler utensils. Dishwasher safe & still look awesome even after 294838 dishwasher runs, ha. We have 2 sets.

Lunch Bento Box: If they need a new lunchbox they’re guaranteed to love (and you will, too!), look no further. It’s colorful & fun. I’ve looked for a bento box style lunchbox for my kids for years & this is the first one that I’ve loved. The big sticking point for me: it fits a full sandwich with crust. My kids don’t know that removing crust is a possibility & I wasn’t about to let them find out.

Lunch Box: If they need a new one, look no further than this listing. And, it holds the bento box above!

Groot Vase/Planter: My kids love this & to be honest, so do I. They use it to hold little odds & ends.

Clock: This clock is awesome for teaching your kid to tell time. I love the time breakdowns & easy to read numbers. Also, it’s 100% silent (no ticking). Ain’t no Mama trying to disturb her kid’s sleep.

LED Lantern: Perfect lantern for kids’ rooms. They feel cool having their own & it’s easy for them to operate. My kids love turning theirs on & reading or playing at night or Quiet Time with it. Or turning off the lights & going on “missions.” No batteries to worry about, just charges with micro USB. Holds charge for a long time & has 3 brightness modes. I love that the little handle is soft so they can hang it up, too. Comes with pink or aqua accents.

Cool dinosaur “laser” nightlight: Is it obvious dinosaurs are big around my house?

Luggage: Have you ever seen kids pack their own bags? It’s the cutest thing. If they don’t have their own luggage yet, this is a guaranteed HIT. I got this Princess suitcase for my little girl & this Superhero one for my boy for Christmas this year!

Just Their Size Pillow: We got one of these for my son 3 years ago & it is still his fave pillow. And he is a large 5 year old. He loves it because it’s “just his size.” We recently gave our 2.5 year old daughter one and she is equally obsessed with hers. It comes with a pillowcase, but if you want to switch it up then these are my fave pillowcases for this pillow because it comes with 2 and they are the softest ever.

Rainbow Rose: Here’s the deal. This is a total trinket. A tchotchke, aka my husband’s worst nightmare. Something I would normally never spend money on. But I did. Why? Because I know my little girl will absolutely MELT over this. She will treasure it. She will protect it. It will make her feel so special. Worth it.



Disney Audio Books: These are a MUST-HAVE for us. We have probably 20 different stories on CD/Book. We keep them in the car & listen to them all day every day. I love that these audio CDs with accompanying books keep them entertained the entire time. (Seriously, we never use a DVD player in the car except for on long road trips. I credit that fully to our audiobook collection.) Our faves are these: Princess Set, Movie Night Set, the Pixar Set & of course the  Frozen 2 set. They have everything from Mulan to Lion King.

Sidenote: I got this CD case to hold all our CDs (I laughed that I spent money to buy a CD case I used to have but threw out when iPods took over the world).

Double side note: We let my 6 year old take the CDs & books in his room & listen to them on this old school boombox. He’s done this since he was 4. It’s simple enough for him to work by himself & provides another screen-free alternative for older kids during their Quiet Time. (is it obvious I am a huge advocate for QT? Mama’s sanity matters.) **I also think this open CD Player would be awesome for a kids room/playroom because it’s so easy to load & switch CDs & it can be wall-mounted.

E-Reader Sets: These are like a book/audio book hybrid. My kids love them because it allows them to “read/listen to” a story with full autonomy. They can work the reader flawlessly. It just reads right along with the books. I love anything they can do on their own/in their rooms quietly so these get an A+ from me. Plus, there are soooo many options: Frozen, Avengers, Spiderman, Puppy Dog Pals, Disney Princess, Disney Stories

Leap Frog “Book”: This is perfect for the little littles. 18mo-2.5. They will be obsessed.

Dino Dana Field Guide: This is a grand slam gift for the dino lovers out there. (also, this show is adorable & so educational!). There is also a Field Guide: Part 2.

The Gruffalo & The Gruffalo’s Child: Two of our fave books by Julia Donaldson. Throw in this adorable Gruffalo stuffed animal to make it extra fun. (PS-The little movies on Amazon/Netflix of these books are THE cutest.)

Stickman: Another Julia Donaldson hit. And this one has a Christmas slant! Don’t forget the Stickman stuffed toy.

I’m Not Just a Scribble: Diane Alber has some of our favorite books ever. If you don’t have any of hers, start with this one. Splatter is another personal fave of my kids.

Octonauts: If your kid loves Octonauts then this book is for them. It is an adorable story about the origins of the Vegimals. My kids eat it up.

This Little Golden Book Marvel Comic edition is awesome. My son loves the stories & the fact that the pages have shiny gold edges makes it look extra special. If you have a superhero lover, get this book. (*In general we have about 100 Little Golden Books. Big fan.)

What Should Danny Do? or What Should Darla Do?: These books are such a creative & bright way to help your child learn about the power of choice. They are “choose your own path” books, so with each prompt the reader is able to choose the “right” path or the “wrong” path–but don’t worry, it’s not a preachy holier than thou right vs wrong book. And it’s certainly not one that shames behavior either. It’s beautifully written & fun for the kids to see how the different scenarios play out.

Who Would Win?: You know all those questions your kid asks you on repeat about which animal is stronger or smarter or faster or bigger? Thought so. Welp, there’s an entire amazing series about one thing: Who Would Win. There is a book about nearly every animal under the sun. My son is going to flip out over these when he opens them this year!

Kingdom of Wrenly Chapter Books: We bought this set to read to our 5 year old after our friends recommended this series, and our son was hooked in about 5 seconds. We made it through the whole set (15 books!) & he never lost interest. This is a great intro to chapter books and has given our bedtime a new dynamic to have a continuous story line. My son prefers these to the Magic Treehouse series. He already wants to re-read them and I know he’ll love them even more when he starts reading on his own. The 2 main characters are a boy & girl—best friends—& these books will be a hit with both boys & girls! *Start with this set—it comes with the first 4 books & a map of the Kingdom, which your child will love!

The Never Girls Book Series: A great book series for girls. Perfect chapter books for reading aloud to your daughter & perfect for when she begins to read on her own!

All-about-me Fill-in Journal: This is so cute & neat. I just love to hear the things kids say about their world & the people in it…including themselves. I’d say ages 6-7+.



kids christmas gift ideas ipad case

iPad Case + Homer Learning App in action

iPad Kid Case: I held out on getting an iPad for my kids for the longest time. I’m not sure why, but I guess I just didn’t want them to become little zombies or entitled “where’s my iPad?!” kiddos. (I mean, I am their Mama & I don’t even have one!) BUT, quarantine = desperate times call for desperate measures. I bit the bullet & got iPads for my kids and I have to admit…I love them. And so do they.

Anyways, all that to say that in true me-style, I tested out 5 different cases before picking this one. Seriously. So trust me & just get this one, it’s the best. Period.

*Don’t forget headphones!

Homer Learning App: This educational app is the specific reason I got the iPad. I swear by this app. My kids loooove doing it and it has phonics, spelling, sight words, math, reading, stories, games, you name it—but every single thing is “educational” and I love letting them play away knowing that they are really soaking in information. The app is tailored to each kid & creates a custom “pathway” with topics & skills based on their particular level.  My kids constantly teach me things they learn from Homer & it definitely builds vocab. It’s a monthly subscription so this would also be a great gift from a Grand. Oh, and you can have more than one child on a membership = hooray!

***YAY! Homer gave us an awesome discount for all you C’MON MAMA followers: 2 FREE MONTHS! It’s usually $9.99 a month and worth every penny. I can’t recommend it enough. The discount will show up automatically when you click the link above & go through the pathway. Merry Christmas!

Smart Dinosaur Globe: Another one for the bigger dino lovers. Requires a tablet and is so engaging.

My First Coding & Computer Kit: This one requires no technology but uses patterns to teach the fundamentals of binary coding. If your kid is interested in computers, this is a really neat way to foster an understand of computer code. Ages 6-13ish.

Magic Coding Charm: Awesome for girls 9+. A neat & engaging way to introduce coding basics using Python. Coding is just another language and I already working to make sure my kids are fluent in that language. Items like this are a great way to get started.

Build-a-Computer Kit: Ages 8+. This product is geared towards girls BUT I have no idea why. It is definitely for both boys & girls….and it is AMAZING. When your kid is ready to learn more complexities about computers & coding, start here.

Make Your Own Lamp: 8+. This is pretty magical. They will be so proud of their work. xccGreat for both boys & girls.



Book light: Hear me out. I know this sounds like an odd gift for a kid. But trust me, they will LOVE it. I gave this book light to my husband last year. My kids are obsessed with it. They steal it every chance they get. Not to read—just to play with. So this year I got them each one for their stockings. It will probably be one of their fave presents this year, no joke. The simple stuff. *It is rechargeable which is great because you don’t have to worry about any dangerous button batteries.

Glow Sticks: Endless fun. We love using them to make bath time extra fun. This set is so reasonable & comes with 30—so throw a bunch in their stockings & throw the rest in with other gifts to friends/nieces/nephews/cousins!

Retractable Rainbow Pens: Do you remember the multicolor retractable pens from growing up? Turns out kids still LOVE them. Perfect stocking stuffer.

Scissors: If your child is at an age that scissor-use is appropriate, get some. Kids LOVE using scissors.

Band-aids: Kids love them. And sometimes they need them. And of course thy make Frozen ones. Paw Patrol ones. You name it.

Magnifying Glass: Sometimes it’s just the simple things.

Bath Bombs: Kids love them as much as (if not more than) adults. I’m particular about which ones I let my kids use because they can cause irritation.

Nontoxic Fingernail Polish: Safe & adorable! My daughter loves it.

Mini Wet Brushes: Love these for my kids. Only thing we use. Love this size for them.

Full-size Disney Wet Brush: For the bigger girls.

Non-slip Headband: These are my favorite headbands for myself & this is the cutest one for kids. It won’t hurt their head, even after wearing it all day long.

Stick-on Earrings: For the little fashionistas in the house.

Bounciest Ball: Three years ago my son asked for the bounciest ball ever. That was his only request from Santa. Nailed it.

Fridge/Freezer Face Decals: These are just plain adorable. It’s an easy way to make things fun. I’m not even going to lie, I love these little things.

kids christmas gift ideas stocking stuffers

Magic Grow Sea Creatures: Just like you remember. Kids love them. Although, sometimes mine get so obsessed with growing theirs that they let them grow forever & don’t even play with them. Go figure.

Cubebot: Perfect car toy! We keep ours in the car & my kids play with them all the time. This size is perfect for little hands.

The End.

*dusts off shoulder*

55 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

OH! And if your kids are in the Santa/Elf on the Shelf age range, you def need to check out these 10 Can’t Miss Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

Like this post? Join MAMA’s email list to get more like this. All things MOMishthe MOMents + MOMfessions, & all the Mama Must-Haves!


Unbeatable Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

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