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Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Her


This Christmas Gift Guide for Her is for all the LADIES in the house.

The Mamas! The Sisters! The Daughters! The Aunts! The Grandmoms! The Nieces! The Friends!

Allll the ladies.

It’s full of the perfect Christmas gifts for her. Whoever “her” is, I’ve gotcha covered. It has all the things I love & use. It’s Mom approved. Grandmom approved. Sister, Aunt, Daughter, & Friend approved. Oh, and Wife approved.

So send this to your hubbies, Mama.

Win win win win win. Win.

PLUS, everything is Amazon Prime. Which means you’re not late. You’re right on time. 🙂

Pro Tip: If you see something you want, Buy it Now. Especially with the crazy, scary state of the world right now. Things are going quickly & shipping times are changing by the minute.



C’MON MAMA Mama Bear Hat (with Baby Bear Cub!): I’m biased because these are my own C’MON MAMA hats, but they really are the BEST! And, the only Mama Bear Hat WITH a Baby Bear on it, too! Available in 2 styles—with that perfect vintage look & a killer fit. You’ll never want to take it off. I might be biased, but trust me—the Mamas in your life will LOVE these hats. (the feedback from all the Mamas who have bought one is that they really ARE the best-fitting/most flattering hats ever!)

Gold MAMA Necklace or Silver MAMA Necklace: Dainty, beautiful, & says it all in just one word. I’ve worn mine for over 5 years & have taken it off maybe 10 times ever. Bonus find: This Nana necklace!

THE Dress: This is THE most perfect dress for spring & summer. (And, you can add a denim jacket or cardigan + tights & booties to make it fall/winter-worthy.) Sometimes I add a belt, sometimes I don’t. I get endless comments when I wear this dress. It’s so cheap & yet looks beautiful on. Super flattering. The length is great & it’s easy to “Mom” in. Did I mention it has (big) pockets?! I have it in 4 designs because I love it so much (I haven’t bought it in one of the lighter colors yet, but my faves are this striped one & this black Sunflower one). **Avoid the dresses with the tiny buttons—for whatever reason they’re lesser quality than the others.

mothers day gift guide dress

Who knew a $20 dress could be so lovely?

The Other Dress: Second fave dress on Amazon. Own it in multiple colors (cheetah, dark green, purple). Super flattering & easy to wear. *Would be a beautiful Holiday dress!

Pocket Cardigan: Lightweight & perfect for this time of year. You can bunch it up & throw it in your purse or beach bag & it’ll still look great. Long enough, super comfy, fun…and pulls any outfit together. Did I mention it has pockets?

Thou Shall Not Try Me Shirt: Every time I wear this I get a zillion compliments. Every. Single. Time. Bonus = it’s super soft & fits great. Comes in a ton of colors & both short & long sleeve options. (I have the short sleeve yellow & loooove it.)

Stars Above Pajamas: This is the only non-Amazon thing on this list. These are a must. I have 5 pairs. They are the softest thing in the world and just so cozy. And they’re not sexy but yet my husband loves them on me (and my sister’s hubby feels the same about them on her!). Go figure. But I’m here for it, because they’re cozyyyy.

***Hold the phone. I found knock offs on Amazon. And a short sleeve set, too. And a nightgown!!! I can’t stop. Miracles happen. (yall know I’m all about Amazon’s free shipping & free returns!)

Best Slippers Ever: I live in these. I have 6 pairs. (yes for real) They feel like you’re walking on clouds. And they don’t slip. They are heavenly. I think they’re equal to or even better than slippers 5x as much. They’re soft-soled, so they’re true “house” slippers, but they’re not flimsy. They’re sooooo cushy.

Towel Wrap: So simple, but if she doesn’t have one, get her one. She’ll use it.

The Perfect Beanie: I own this Beanie in 8 colors. I wear one almost daily in the fall/winter/early spring. They lay on your head perfectly, you can tug on the back to make them super slouchy, they look good with hair up or down. My fave colors are the classic beige & black. But they have so many fun ones.

Chain iWatch Band: LOVE THIS. I love wearing my iWatch. I wear it every day. And I like the “sport” band it came with. BUT, when I’m dressed up for date night or whatever reason, I swap this band in (takes all of 2 seconds) & my watch is transformed into something really pretty that goes with all my jewelry. I always get comments about it.

mother's day gift guide iwatch band

I love this chain band. Comfy to wear & looks so elegant & cool.

Blue Light Glasses: I live in these. Because I live on the computer (well, at night & in the early mornings because I’m a Mom & my free/work time is when it’s dark outside). Do they work? Who knows, but I do think so. And, they’re stylish. I even wear them when we watch something late at night so the blue light rays don’t affect my sleep.

Wireless Ear Buds: These are amazing. Comfortable, the charge lasts forever & you can use both at once or just a single bud so you can listen to that podcast while you fold laundry & still listen out for your kids. Mom win.

Wallet: Does she need a new one? I have had this one for a couple years & love it. It’s flat so it doesn’t take up much space in my purse/diaper bag, it fits a ton, has 2 zippered change compartments, & comes in a bunch of pretty/fun colors.

Full-on Cosmetic Bag: This is my go-to cosmetic organizer/travel bag. Fits everything you could possibly need & keeps it organized. It also has firm sides so it protects every inside.

Geometric Makeup Bag: Fun. Great size to throw in your purse.

Tinted Sunscreen: This is the end-all-be-all for tinted sunscreen as far as I’m concerned. And I’ve tried a ton of different ones. I’ve even tried different Elta MD ones. This is the winner. Stays on, makes your skin look beautiful, the color isn’t orange, it doesn’t break me out, and it WORKS. My face never burns. I wear it year-round and honestly unless I’m dressing up for something, it’s the only thing I wear.



Willow Tree MOM Figurines: I have a million of these. I adore them. (My kids love looking at them, too.) These beautiful, sweet little statues of Mothers with their child/children have many different ages & stages so you’re guaranteed to find the right one for your family.

Hinged Flower Vase: This is the most gorgeous vase I’ve ever seen. And so unique. I saw it at a friend’s house & fell in love with it. It’s expensive. But it’s also inexplicably $100 cheaper on Amazon than in stores. I bought it for myself & am so glad I did. (There is also a smaller but equally as beautiful version.)

mother's day gift guideDigital Photo Frame: Trust me on this. This is not the tacky digital frame of yore. I adore having one in my house. Why? Because it’s HARD to update framed pictures around the house. It takes time. Which is something Mamas don’t really have. It also takes a lot of effort to pick your favorite picture when you have 395873 frame-worthy ones to choose from. This solves that problem. It’s SO easy, you can send it all your fave pics to rotate through, add any whenever you’d like, and kids & people of all ages in the house LOVE looking at them. The Skylight one just uses an email which makes it super user-friendly. It couldn’t be easier.

If you don’t love the look of that one, I love the style & quality of this one . It has its own app. (The Aura frames are definitely the most attractive ones to me, but they require access to every photo on your phone so it’s an instant no-go for me. Le sigh.)

Pro tip: This also makes a killer gift for Grandmoms!! Whether they live 10 states away or 10 minutes away, I guarantee you they’ll love it. And they don’t have to do a thing to “make it work!” We gave one to both Grandmoms as their Mother’s Day gift last year. They love it & ask us all the time to send more pics.

Capri Blue Volcano Candle: My favorite candle of all time. They have a million scents but the Volcano is the classic & also the best, imo. It’s a tin container so it won’t break in transit. 2nd place: Rewined candles. 3rd place: Old school Eucalyptus Spearmint Bath & Body Works fave that never went out of style

Essential Oil Diffuser: You don’t have to be into essential oils to love this. I diffuse the Capri Blue Volcano oil (yes, same scent as that candle above—told ya I loved it!) all the time and my home smells so fresh and light. You can use any diffuser/essential oil. And, if you’re knowledgable about EO then by all means…put this thing to werkkk!

Toiletries Spin Tower/Organizer: Didn’t think I needed this. I thought wrong. I’m obsessed with it now. It’s like a lazy susan for your bathroom. Fits all my stuff & makes everything easily accessible but also looks elegant. I’m sold.

mother's day gift guide toiletry tower

That sunscreen up top makes the cut, too.

Coffee Frother: If she likes coffee, she’ll love this. Sometimes I get fancy & make a latte. But mostly I just use it to stir my delicious flavored creamer into my coffee. It’s easy. And weirdly fun. *Bonus: It makes chocolate milk extra fun & bubbly for the kiddos.

Electric Tea Kettle: Stylish, functional, so practical. Anddd a perfect rating to top it off.

Electric Wine Opener: I enjoy opening wine now. So maybe this is a slightly selfish one. But my husband LOVES it. So maybe it’s not. Super easy, super powerful.

Wooden Utensil Set: Beautiful teak cooking utensils perfect to use with all your nonstick pans so you don’t scratch them up. Plus, they’re pretty.

XL Heating Pad: Not a sexy gift, but such a functional gift. kid This one is large & plush & it saves my back.

Wool Dryer Balls: I used to love dryer sheets before I made the switch to dryer balls. I’m never going back. I don’t miss the dryer sheets and I feel so much better about not having all that extra stuff on my kids’ skin.

Turkish Towel: I love these. So thin

Kindle Paperwhite: Give her the gift of being able to read whatever she wants without straining her eyes…and without keeping up the sleeping baby/kid/grown man next to her. My sister is an avid reader and SWEARS by hers.



Giant Tote: For groceries, for all the stuff Mamas have to lug around in the back of their car…you name it. Love mine. It folds flat so it takes up no space when not in use. *Depending on what other Christmas gifts you get her, you could use this as a giant gift bag.

Laptop Bag: I ordered 4 before deciding on this one. Love it. Love the look, love the padding to protect my computer, love the pockets. *Comes in various colors & sizes to accommodate all laptops/tablets.

Swell Bottle: I have 3 of these & I use them all the time. To carry water, to carry coffee (because #momlife), to put my “grown up” beverages in at the drinks & pool, you name it… They keep liquid super hot or super cold for an entire day, but my very fave part is they do not leak. Like ever. So you can throw them in your purse or diaper bag & never think twice. I have two of the 17oz size & one 25oz bottle because it holds an entire bottle of wine.

***The following few things are safety items because Mamas think about everyone but themselves—so we need to think about them…

Personal Alert Siren:

*If you have several people in your life that could use one of these, buy this set. (I bought this for my mom/sisters/me.)

Stun Gun: I’ve carried one of these with me since I was 18.

Jumper Cables: Does she have her own set to keep in her car? No? Fix that now.

Car Escape Tool: I have had nightmares about getting knocked off a bridge (I live around water) and stuck under water in my my car with my kids. This tool breaks the window glass & has a seat belt/car seat cutter blade. Honestly, even in a non-water emergency, I think the seat belt cutter tool is important to have—especially as tight/tricky as car seat harnesses can be.

Car Safety Kit: OR skip the separate jumper cables & car escape tool and just get this whole set. Easy, compact, has it all.



Best Chapstick ever: This is one of my most Holy Grail things ever. I own 7 at any given time. Hey, you know we gotta have the house chapstick, the purse chapstick, the car chapstick, the diaper bag chapstick…(I also have the stroller chapstick, the bike chapstick, the golf cart chapstick…See? 7. Told ya.) For neutral color & something a little more heavy duty for the chapping, this one is my go-to. This is the only kind of lip color/thing I use. It’s smooth, it works, & both have a beautiful light tint. Everyone always wants to know what I wear on my lips & it’s these. (*great stocking stuffer!)

Long Phone Charger: My husband & I love these 6′ phone chargers. So we can charge them while we use them in bed. Sexy I know. But #marriedlifebelike that sometimes. (Get this one for Android users)

Book light: I gave this to my husband for Christmas last year. It has 3 brightness levels and both a warm & cool light option.  Plus, the charge lasts forever (& it’s rechargeable).

*If you want one to travel with, get this one.

Gum: Always a killer stocking stuffer. This is my fave. And this is my second fave. (Both are hubby’s faves, too)

Wet Brush: She probably already has one of these. Anddd she probably needs a new one. If she’s anything like me she’s still using her original one because these things hold up. I recently bought this fresh cute one & I have to say it felt so good to replace my worn out one. (*great stocking stuffer!)

Softest Washcloths: These are my FAVE face wash cloths. So soft, large, perfect. (Would be perfect for your body, too. I just still use loofahs because old habits die hard.)

Lovehandle: *Also available for XL phones.

O Key Ring: I LOVE MINE. Have had it for years. It’s always easy to find my keys in my bag. It’s easy to ditch the purse & carry by itself. It fits great on my arm or in my back pocket (or the waistband of my leggings, because lbh.)

#MOMLIFE Headband: That’s what I like to think of these as. I wore them pre-Momlife, but I love them more than ever now. They are great for working out, yoga, running…and running after kids. They don’t give you a headache even if you wear them for 12 hours, and they don’t slip. The come in endless cute designs. My fave are the 1″ ones.

Makeup Eraser Cloths: They’re magic. And this 4 pack is a fraction of the price of just one of the name brand cloths. And they work every bit as well!

There you have it. My Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Her. Get to shopping!

Christmas Gift Guide for Him.



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Caroline July 9, 2020 - 4:10 pm

Mama or not Mama, this list is great. Just got my boyfriend (…or myself, we’ll see) the heating pad for his back.

C'MON MAMA July 13, 2020 - 7:55 am

Yayyy! I’m so glad you love the list! And I’d be willing to bet you’ll end up stealing that heating pad once you try it 😍

Jaclyn June 25, 2020 - 2:10 pm

Fantastic list!! This is a list you could use for any holiday!! I’m gonna go check out amazon 😉

C'MON MAMA July 1, 2020 - 7:33 am

I live & breathe Amazon 😂 Hope you find some things you love for a gift for a Mom…or yourself! ❤️

Mandy June 25, 2020 - 10:57 am

I bought a lot for myself from this article 😂

C'MON MAMA July 1, 2020 - 7:28 am

Yayyy! That makes me so happy. I own everything on it and find myself buying repeats, ha 😂


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