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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for EVERY Mom on your List


These Mother’s Day Gift Ideas will cover every woman in your life—trust me. There is a perfect gift for her on this list…whoever her is.

As a Mama/wife/daughter, these Mother’s Day Gifts are all my favorite things—the things I love & the things I actually use.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that are Mom approved. Grandmom approved. Sister, Aunt, Daughter, Niece & Friend approved.

Oh, and Wife approved, too. Obvi.

So don’t be afraid to send this list to whoever might be buying for you, Mama. It’ll make their life easy. 😉

Nearly everything is Amazon Prime or Target (hallelujah for 2 hour Drive Up!). Which means you’re not late. You’re right on time. 🙂

This post includes affiliate links.

MOTHER’S DAY GIFT IDEAS: Jewelry & Clothing

C’MON MAMA Mama Bear Hat (with Baby Bear Cub!): Yes, these are my own C’MON MAMA hats so I might be a little bit biased, but they really are the BEST! I mean, did you see the little Bear Cub in the middle of the Mama Bear? She’ll never want to take it off. Trust me—the Mamas in your life will LOVE these hats.

Available in 2 styles—Vintage Charcoal or Denim Trucker—both with that perfect vintage look & a killer fit. You can’t go wrong.

mama bear hat collage

Mama Shirts: If she’s like me & a sucker for tees/tanks that say Mama or reference being a Mom, get her a couple of these & she’ll be thrilled. All from Target & all awesome. I bought all 3 & wear them on repeat. “Raising Kind Humans” shirt, Mama Rainbow Tank, “Happy Mama” tee. You can’t go wrong with any of them. *Pro tip: You can probably even score one/all of these via Target drive up if you need a last minute gift!

MAMA Necklace: Simple, beautiful, & the word that says it all. I’ve worn my MAMA necklace since becoming a Mom (over 6 years ago!) & have taken it off only a handful of times. *If you’re shorter on time, these are my fave Amazon picks for Mama necklaces: Gold, Silver, & a beautiful spaced out version.

Bonus find: If you’ve got a Nana, Mimi or Gigi in the family…I gotcha covered with the perfect necklaces!

The BEST Pajamas: Target does it again. These = a must. My mom, sisters & I have several pairs each. That’s how great they are. They are the softest pajamas ever & look so cute/put together on. These are the only “matching” pajamas I own & I have to admit that my husband loves me in them (a step up from my regular t-shirts + jammy pants I guess, haha). They come in several styles, but the cropped pants are my fave style because they’re great for all seasons plus you don’t have to worry about the length being too short or too long. But I love them all & have the long pants, the long sleeves, the short sleeves, the shorts…see? I was basically telling Target to take my money as soon as I tried on my first pair…knew I had to have more.

The BEST Slippers: I only take these off to put on shoes when I leave the house, and then the second I get home I take my bra off and put my slippers off. My life is sexy like that. I honestly have 6 pairs. It’s like you’re walking on clouds. They’re one-size-fits-all which makes it so easy for gift-giving. And they don’t slip. They’re definitely equal to or better than slippers 5x as much. These have soft soles, so they’re “house” slippers, but they’re not flimsy. They are the cushiest.

*If you prefer hard-soled slippers, try these adorable ones.

The BEST Dress: I get nonstop compliments when I wear this dress. And it’s so inexpensive! It just looks so flattering on. I have it in 4 different designs because I’m a big fan of sticking with what works. This is THE most perfect dress for spring & summer. (I meannn, you can also throw on a jean jacket or cardigan + booties for fall/winter.) Belt or no belt both look great. The length is perfect for Momming.And did I mention the HUGE pockets?!

**One note: Avoid the dresses with the teeny buttons—for some reason they’re thinner than the others.

christmas gifts for her
Who knew a $30 dress could be so lovely?

The Other Dress: This is my second favorite Amazon dress. I own it in multiple colors (told ya I’m like that). I have it in cheetah, dark green, & purple.

Thou Shall Not Try Me Shirt: Chances are she feels this way at least 348 times a day. I know I do.

#MOMLIFE Headband: I’ve used these headbands for YEARS. Perfect for exercising and Momming…which is quite possibly the toughest workout of all. They put all other sporty headbands to shame for 2 reasons: they won’t cause a headache even after wearing them alll day, and they don’t ever slip. The 1″ ones are my favorite width.

Towel Wrap: Every woman needs one. Super simple, but super convenient–especially with kids glued to you at nearly all times.

iWatch Band: I genuinely love wearing my iWatch. And I really do like the normal sport band, BUT I love swapping this band in (takes 2 seconds) when I get dressed up. It makes my iWatch look like something really pretty that goes with all my jewelry.

*I also recently got this leather braided wrap iWatch band & am a big fan.

christmas gifts for her iwatch band
Elegant & cool…and comfy.


Digital Photo Frame: I really think this is possibly the best gift you can give a Mother. If she doesn’t already have one, stop right now, get this one, and call it a day. I have the Carver frame and LOVE it. This frame is not the clunky old school digital picture frame. It’s simple & elegant and in two words: I’m obsessed. I love mine. Why? Well, because it is a joy to see all your favorite pictures & memories throughout the day. And also because it’s HARD to update framed photos throughout the house. It takes time…which is something Mamas don’t have a lot of. It also takes a lot of effort to pick which pictures are frame-worthy when you have approximately 37284720 pictures to pick from (yes, I have a picture-taking problem). This picture frame is a no-brainer and solves both those problems. It’s SUPER easy to add all her favorite photos for it to rotate through, and the kids & people of all ages in the house will LOVE looking at it as much as she does.

Pro tip: A digital picture frame also makes the perfect gift for Grandmothers!! Whether they live 5 minutes away or 5 states away, they will love it. And don’t worry—they won’t have to “do anything” to make it work! We gave one to each Grandmom for Mother’s Day a few years ago & it’s probably their fave gift we’ve ever given them.


Hinged Vase: The most beautiful & unique vase I’ve ever laid eyes on. I saw it on a friend’s dining table & just had to have it. It’s expensive. But it’s also just so cool. And it is inexplicably much cheaper on Amazon than in stores. *There is also a beautiful smaller version.

christmas gift ideas for her

Capri Blue Volcano Candle: My fave candle ever. I buy it again & again & again. The tin container is perfect so it won’t break in transit. Honorable Mention: If she’s an 80s/90s baby, the nostalgic Eucalyptus Spearmint Bath & Body Works candle will resonate with her because old habits die hard.

Essential Oil Diffuser: No, you don’t need to be “into” essential oils to love a diffuser. I diffuse the Capri Blue Volcano oil (yep, same scent as that candle above—told ya I’m a die hard fan) & it makes my home smell so fresh and light. But you can diffuse any (essential) oil.

Willow Tree Figurines: If you want to give her something tender & special, pick out one of these. It makes a beautiful gift to give her “from the kids.” These are simple sweet statues/figures of Mothers with their child/children/grandchildren & have many different ages & stages so you’re guaranteed to find one that is perfect for her.

XL Heating Pad: Okay, this isn’t the sexiest gift, but damn if it’s not one of my favorite things I own. Like the frother, if this broke I would have to buy another one immediately. It turns out back pain is real, particularly when you’re picking up kids all day or leaning over & picking up toys…or let’s be honest, even if you just sit down “wrong” you might feel it in your back. This heating pad is big & plush & I use it every single night—even in the summer. (*My sis with no children bought one for herself recently & is equally obsessed. Verdict: Not just for Moms.)

Turkish Towel: I just love these. They are the only beach towels we use now & have for years. Turkish towels are the perfect beach/pool/lake towel. They’re so thin & absorbent & take up zero space & aren’t heavy at all…which is a lifesaver when you’re already carrying every single thing under the sun for a mere couple hours in the sun. They can also double as a cute swimsuit wrap/sarong AND a lightweight little throw blanket. And they’re perfect to wrap around kids and adults alike. Basically the perfect towel. And let me tell you, it felt good to get rid of all my heavy bulky beach towels that take forever to dry & use up all the space in my bag!

Okay, so I love these things so much that I’m currently switching all my regular bath towels out to these lush turkish bath towels. They’re so easy to wash because they’re not bulky like normal towels which means less laundry loads which means they are essentially the gift of time Ha. And anytime I have company they rave over them. I loooove these in particular for home because they’re a little more plush & prefer the other ones above for beach/pool/lake (because we use our beach towels hardddd aka kids/sunscreen/spills). Typically I stick with white towels just because they’re so easy to clean/bleach, but I did get a couple of the denim ones too just because I am a sucker for anything denim.

Couch/Bed Tray: I know you’re wondering what this is so hear me out. Years ago I was in an airport and I for some unknown reason bought a cambray tray in an airport coffee shop. Inexplicable impulse buy. 6 years later it is one of my favorite belongings and I legit use it every. single. day. I lost it under the couch for a few weeks recently and I honestly almost cried.


Coffee Frother: This is one of the few things I own that if it were to break, I would have to order another one immediately. I can’t do my coffee without it. It just makes it taste so good. I simply use it to stir my de-lish flavored creamer into my coffee. It makes it so frothy & yum. At this point I’ve bought one for every single person in my family.

Stemless Swirl Wine Glasses: I have to give my hubby credit for this awesome find. He got me a set of these “ergonomic” stemless wine glasses for Valentine’s Day and I LOVE THEM. He nailed it. For some reason, I much prefer stemless wine glasses to stemmed. They’re easier to handle, less likely to spill, and tbh the real reason is I can set them on my couch tray and my glass won’t tip over. These are super comfortable to hold and I love the little indentation for gripping. It also makes them look cool. They’re Riedel so they have the thin edge = they’re “fancy” like that. (I have the red wine set)

Electric Wine Opener: When I was a server, I legit used to pay another server $5 to open all the bottles of wine people ordered from my table. I hated doing it. Then again, I had to do it in front of the table & make it look poised and act like I knew what I was doing as an 18 year old non-wine drinker…so that probably had something to do with it, too. And then until I bought this thing, I always made my husband open the wine. BUT I actually like opening it now because this electronic wine opener makes it super easy…and even a little fun.

Gold Mixing Bowls: These are GORGEOUS. And, they have LIDS! (the cooking bowl equivalent of “it has pockets!” They are dishwasher safe (a requirement) & the finish stays on perfectly. These are so pretty that she will want to leave them out on the counter.

(*I also have the rainbow set because my little girl loves to cook with me & she loves all things bright & rainbow…plus, tbh I’m kind of extra like that since becoming a Mama. Like I used to wear mostly black & my kids LOVE when I wear brighter things so now I’m basically captain of Team Neon.)

Electric Tea Kettle: I love when practical things just look really awesome, too. Win win.

Swell Bottle: I have 5 of my own & use them constantly. They come in so handy with kids/momlife. At any given moment, I have my coffee, water, and I love these for taking refill water for my kids! They’re kind of like if Yeti made a bottle. They keep liquid hot or cold for an entire day which is awesome, but by far my favorite part is they DO NOT LEAK. And it’s not like the things that say they don’t leak but then the second its on its side it drips out. These legit don’t leak a drop. So you can toss them in your purse/diaper bag & go. I have 3 17oz bottles & two 25oz bottles (holds an entire bottle of wine…or so I’ve heard).

YETI Cup: If you have a Yeti cup that she uses, that doesn’t count. She needs one of her own. YETI is still King Queen for good reason. Their cups just freaking work & they hold up so well. A Mom’s coffee is never hot. Change that.

*Pro tip: Slap on the Mama Bear + Cub decal that comes with my C’MON MAMA hats! BOOM – instant customized cup. Plus it’ll stay on through allllll the washes.

Wooden Utensil Set: Simply beautiful teak utensil set that’s perfect to use with nonstick pans so they don’t get scratched them up.

Turkish Hand Towels: Told you I loved these things. I didn’t realize there were Turkish hand towels. Had to have. Love them in my kitchen & bathrooms. Turkish Towels just have such a cool vibe and they’re so neat & different. They also don’t hold water so they make great hand towels for cooking, cleaning, bathrooms, you name it.


Best Chapstick: Alert Alert!!!! This just in: They now have a Gift set of my 3 fave chapsticks in the history of the world!!! Don’t sleep on this. Just trust me. I’ll break it down for you below, but trust me. She will love these.

These chapsticks are my Holy Grail items. I have 7 of these at all times simply because I’m obsessed with it & never want to be without it. Moms know all about the house chapstick, purse chapstick, car chapstick, diaper bag chapstick, stroller chapstick, beach bag chapstick, bike chapstick, golf cart chapstick…I could go on.

For some light color, this one has been my go-to for 6+ years running.

For neutral/nude color this one is my go-to & keeps my lips so moisturized.

This is the only kind of lip color/thing I use. Everyone always wants to know what I wear on my lips & it’s these two chapsticks. I feel silly when yall ask me my lip color and I’m all like “Baby Lips Chapstick.” But it’s the truth!

*For summer, the sunscreen chapstick is a MUST (for her & the kids). It looks like this one is only available as part of the set right now. Get that set!

Makeup Eraser Cloths: Magic. And this 4 pack is a fraction of the price of just one of the name brand cloths. And they work every bit as well!

At-Home Hair Gloss: Does she have hair? If YES then get her this Olaplex gloss. Seriously. That’s the only parameter. It’s that awesome. It’s the same product that they use at salons, but it’s now available for home use…hallelujah. Won’t mess with color so don’t worry about that. It’s not cheap but it lasts foreverrrr. Who doesn’t want shiny, soft hair?

Wet Brush: Yes, she probably already has one. And yes she probably needs a new one. A cute, fresh one.

XL Barrette Clips: Finally! Clips big/strong enough to hold my hair back! They also look stylish because barrettes are having a moment right now. I wear these constantly. The normal sized ones couldn’t hold my hair back well enough but the largest ones were too heavy. These win.

Flowerbomb: This has been my go-to perfume for 10 years. I smelled it on someone one time and loved it so much I asked her about it. So glad I did.

Tinted Sunscreen: This is my holy grail. I literally don’t go a day without putting it on. Ever. I’ve tried others. I’ve even tried different Elta MD ones. But none can compare. It stays on all day, eves you out, it isn’t orange-y, it doesn’t break me out (which is saying A LOT because I break out easily), and it WORKS. My face never burns (thank god because Motherhood ages me enough without the sun coming after me, too). I wear it all year-round and honestly unless I’m getting dressed up for something, it’s the only thing I wear.

Geometric Makeup Bag: Sometimes something fun is just…well, fun. Perfect to throw in her purse.

Full-on Cosmetic Bag: For traveling or just the whole shabang, this thing is amaze. It has firm sides to protect what’s inside & is just a great cosmetic organizer/travel bag.

Toiletries Spin Tower/Organizer: Thought this was a bit much the first time I saw it. The second time I saw it I thought it might be cool. The third time I saw it I had to have it. I freaking love this toiletry organizer. And I love that it doesn’t take up much counter space. It’s basically a lazy susan for your bathroom. But make it elegant.

christmas gift ideas for her toiletry tower
That sunscreen up top makes the cut, too.


Airpods: I used to think that cheap bluetooth ear buds were as good. I thought wrong. I finally sucked it up and bought some Airpods. Never going back. I love them. Yes, they’re $$$. That’s why I never bought them before. Of course they sound great, but the voice clarity for calls is unmatched & the main reason why I love them so much. Everyone can hear me perfectly. If she has an iPhone, these are a no brainer because they just work so simply together. The charge lasts so long & I love that you can use just a single pod for making phone calls or listening to that podcast (ahem, shameless plug for my soon-to-be-released podcast!) while you fold laundry…& still be able to listen out for your kids with the other ear. *I linked these from Target because most locations have them in stock & you can do Drive Up pickup in 2 hours. BOOM. Done.

Lovehandle: Have used this for nearly 8 years. I like it way more than the loop or the knob thing. It frees up my hands which is a lifesaver because we only have 2 (although everyone seems to think Mamas have 20). It also keeps my hand from getting fatigued (from all that texting and scrolling, ha). *It also comes in an XL size.

Giant Tote: Perfect for groceries, yes—but also perfect for alllll the stuff Mamas haul around in their car. It folds flat when not in use (which for me is never, ha) & did I mention it has pockets? Pro Tip: This would also be fun to use as a big gift bag full of lots of Mother’s Day Gifts!

Laptop Bag: I am a SAHM and don’t “work” outside of the house, and I love having a laptop bag for the occasions that I do head out to get some work done. I tried 4 different laptop bags before settling on this one. It’s great. I love the look, the pockets, & the padding for protection. *It comes in various sizes to fit all laptops/tablets.

Kindle Paperwhite: If she loves books, she will love reading whatever she wants without straining her eyes…and without keeping up the sleeping baby/kid/ahem, grown man, ahem beside her. My sis is a bookworm and she used hers constantly when breastfeeding.

Book light: If she likes to read, get her this. It’s reliable & has 3 brightness settings. And it’s lightweight and doesn’t weigh your book down! *If she travels often, get this one with a case.

Blue Light Glasses: Do they work? Who really knows, but I think they do. And tbh they’re so stylish. I use them when we watch something late at night (once in a blue moon because #momlife ha) so the blue light rays don’t affect my sleep. I also take melatonin so there’s that.

Wallet: Does she have a wallet she actually likes? If not, this one is great. I’ve had it for a few years and love it. I love how flat and not bulky it is.

O Key Ring: Love this keychain. It’s perfect on my arm or pocket (orrrr tucked into my leggings, because lbh.)

Ta Da! I hope these Mother’s Day Gift Ideas make it super easy for you to give her the sweetest Mother’s Day ever.

After Momming through a pandemic, she deserves the world. I can promise you that.

Pssst—Father’s Day is just around the corner! Don’t worry—I’ve got you covered with these perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

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Mother\'s Day Gift Ideas for EVERY Mom on your List

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