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Puppy Dog Pals Birthday Party – Let’s PAWty!

February 12, 2019
Puppy Dog Pals Birthday Party – Let’s PAWty!

We threw a Puppy Dog Pals Birthday Party for my daughter and it was adorable.

Or maybe I should say a “Rolly and Bingo” Birthday Party because that’s what my kids call it.

If your kids haven’t seen Puppy Dog Pals yet, they’re missing out. Really. It’s my kids’ favorite show of the moment (they’re 2 and 4, for reference). It’s cute, sweet, there’s music & dancing, and there are no villains…with the exception of a bratty little dog named Cupcake who redeems herself every few episodes.

Don’t get me wrong, my son LOVES shows and movies with villains. Anytime we watch something new he asks 3 questions:

1. Is there a mean?
2. Does the mean go bye bye?
3. Does the mean go all the way bye bye?

(Hey, at least he wants the mean to go bye bye. Phew.)

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But I have to say it’s refreshing sometimes to just have a happy, cute show without an overload of heavy feelings (I’m talking about one of our other faves, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. We adore that show but sometimes my kids just need to laugh.) OR an overload of villains (I’m looking at you, PJ Masks. My kids love ya but my son gets a little too into whatever Romeo is doing).

So, a Puppy Dog Pals Birthday Party it is. Adorable. Fun. Cute. Sweet. And Happy.

My daughter just turned 2 and she was all about a Puppy Dog Pals Birthday Party. For my son’s 2nd birthday we had a Daniel Tiger party. Kids’ parties are cute, man. I have to admit.

Since my entire life is basically one big Amazon Prime exhibition, that’s where I turned. Trust me on this—you can pull off a cute party in just a few days. I’ve proven this theory multiple times. (hey, Moms do everything. It’s hard to plan ahead!)

Scroll through for the Puppy Dog Pals Birthday Party pictures & then check out my puppy birthday party Wins, Fails, and links to all the adorableness at the bottom!


Puppy Dog Pals Birthday Party decorationsPuppy Dog Pals Birthday Party little girl looking at cakePuppy Dog Pals Birthday Party Paw print cakePuppy Dog Pals Birthday Party paw print birthday cakePuppy Dog Pals Birthday Party Puppy Dog Pals dressPuppy Dog Pals Birthday Party FoodPuppy Dog Pals Birthday Party FoodPuppy Dog Pals Birthday Party FoodPuppy Dog Pals Birthday Party TreatsPuppy Dog Pals Birthday Party Paw Print cakePuppy Dog Pals Birthday Party birthday girl blowing out candlePuppy Dog Pals Birthday Party C'MON MAMA holding sonPuppy Dog Pals Birthday Party little girl riding Radio Flyer trikePuppy Dog Pals Birthday Party Puppy Dog Pals shirts

So cute, huh?

Okay, to sum up:

Puppy Dog Pals Birthday Party WINS

My fave thing by a landslide was the cake. I made it myself using the easiest paw print cake pan ever (seriously, you can’t screw it up). I always use this brand of cake pans. Be sure to load the pan with flour so that it doesn’t stick!

Also, that little dress. Turned out SO cute! There aren’t any Puppy Dog Pals dresses so I found a precious plain one on Amazon and made my own iron on decal (had to pop Keia in there). I’m a big fan of doing this. This dress is perfect but it runs 1-2 sizes too small (for reference, my daughter is mostly in 2T and the 4T dress was perfect). They have some cute Puppy Dog Pals shirts out there, but 1) I wanted a dress and 2) none of the shirts currently have the new girl dog character Keia. This dress would also work great—just know that it runs huge (like 2 sizes too big). But it’s presh!

I don’t have pictures of the Walking Pug Balloons but they were a HUGE hit.

Puppy Dog Pals Birthday Party FAILS

I should’ve bought Scooby Snacks. Seriously, what was I thinking? I was first going to make dog bone shaped sugar cookies. Then I found the most amazing rice krispies treats SHEETS ($12 at Crackerbarrel) and I made a bunch of dog bone rice krispies treats using these cookie cutters. But we ate them all before the party (*facepalm) and using the small cookie cutters wasn’t the easiest on the rice krispies treats (I think it would work well with larger cookie cutters). So, I ended up just cutting the large sheets into squares and covering them with sprinkles. The kids loved them. But I still was secretly bummed I didn’t have anything shaped like dog bones when that was my whole original plan! I totally missed the mark.

And, Scooby Snacks mini bags would be the cutest party favor.

(Pro tip that fellow Mamas will really appreciate: Think age appropriately for snacks. Don’t serve known choking hazards to children. My child choked on a piece of candy I gave him & I’ll never get over that terror.)

Also, I put those adorable colorful paw print stickers all over the floor leading to the party. The kids loved it. It was an epic fail. Those things are IMPOSSIBLE to get off the floor. Use them for stickers for the kids and to decorate the blank tablecloths, but do not use them on floors or windows. Spring for these removable vinyl paw prints. Hindsight is 20/20. (I’m still working on getting those stickers up without killing my floors. Sob.)

See all the Puppy Dog Pals Birthday Party links in one place.

Or, here are the individual items:

Paw Print Cake Pan / Durable Plastic Tablecloths / Pink Plates + Napkins Set / Dog Bone Cookie Cutters / Scooby Snacks / Puppy Dog Pals Vinyl Wall Decals / Paw Print Stickers / Removable Vinyl Paw Prints / Puppy Dog Pals Unisex T-Shirt / Puppy Dog Pals Pink Shirt / Pink Dress / Walking Pug Balloons / Rolly Plush Toy / Bingo Plush Toy / Keia Plush Toy / Hissy Plush Toy / Puppy Dog Pals Mini Figurine Set / Little Collar Bracelets


Any other cute party Puppy Dog Pals Birthday Party ideas? Tell me below!


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