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Why is Quarantine with Kids so much harder than LIFE with Kids?

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Why is quarantine with kids so hard?

Why does being home with them right now feel…so different?

I keep asking myself this. And here’s the answer.

Because, this isn’t just being home with your kids.

I’m a Stay at Home Mom and I’m always home with my kids. And yet this whole quarantine with kids thing feels completely different than our “normal” lives.

But that’s because nothing about any of this is normal.

Quarantine with kids isn’t just being home with your kids.

It’s being home with your kids with nowhere to go and no one to see and pretty much no one to talk to….except—you guessed it—your kids.

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There is no school. No play dates. No playgrounds.

There are no aquariums, museums or jump places.

No restaurants.

There are definitely no date nights.

No babysitters. And for many of us, there’s not even help from Grandmom. Or other extended family members.

There are no errands.

I didn’t even realize how much joy (yes, apparently joy) and fulfillment running errands gave me until there were none to run.

It turns out that I like getting out. I like Target (I mean, obvi). And I even like the grocery store.

Who knew?

Social distancing with kids feels (and is) so much harder because not only do you have no backup or reprieve from Momming, but all of your normal places & activities are totally shut down.

And you’re wondering why quarantining with kids feels so hard?

I sure was. I was beating myself up over the fact that this somehow felt so much harder than my normal #momlife.

Like I said, I’m a SAHM so I was already used to being home with my kids all the time. And on top of that, I’m a total homebody by nature. I mean I loooove being home.

But, my kids and I love to do things together, too. Sure, we play at home all the time. But we also go on adventures together. That’s a big part of our lives. My kids are young (5 & 3), so adventures like going to “the donut factory” are big events for us (one of my mom hacks is calling Krispy Kreme the “donut factory”—try it sometime, they’ll love it).

We often go to different playgrounds to “mix it up.” And we go to the movies. Or we go to Target and hit up the dollar spot. We go to a friend’s house. Or my Mom’s house.

We stay, but we also go.

And now we can’t. That’s a lot different.

And it makes it harder. A lot harder.

It’s okay to admit that things are hard right now. Way harder than normal.

It’s like we’re living in a “Groundhog Day” reboot that we can’t seem to turn off.

And we’re all Bill Murray.

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We need to stop asking ourselves why this is so much harder than normal & just own the fact that of course it is.

How could it not be?

What’s going on in our world right now is unprecedented. And all that unknown and fear seeps into every aspect of our lives.

Our only goal through this Covid-19 outbreak and quarantine with kids should be to make it through each day.

Because that’s enough.

More than enough.

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Quarantine with kids isn\'t just being home with your kids. It\'s being home with nowhere to go & no one to see & almost no one to talk to...except your kids.

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