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Welcome to aMOMynous, the C’MON MAMA online Mom Club.

That’s right.

A Club. For Moms. Online.

A place where we can talk about ALL the things…aMOMynously.

So are you really starting a club?

Yep, I’m starting a club. For real. You’re invited. All of you. It’s a place for all us Mamas to come together & have a space to talk about EVERYTHANG. We’re all living different versions of the same thing: Motherhood.

The solidarity in Motherhood is super powerful & super comforting. Let’s use it.

We’ll be talking babies and motherhood and sex and relationships and raising kids and body stuff and surviving and all the things we want to talk about out loud but never really can. You can be totally anonymous. Think of it as a digital space & forum for Mamas. I’m excited about it. I know I could use a place like that. Can you?

Couples meet online all the time! Why can’t mom friends “meet” (& stay!) online?

We can. We will. We are.

Can I really be anonymous?

Yes. 100%. Sure you can use your name if you want. But, we’re aMOMynous. Not because we have to be, but because this is a place where we can be.

What does a membership in aMOMynous really mean?

It means:

  • A private community with a totally aMOMynous forum for Mom talk & Mom truths…with other Moms just like you & me.
  • Weekly live chats: Moms Night ON(line)!  Basically a Mom’s Night…IN our chatroom. Once a week. We can tackle a different topic each time &/or just have a free-for-all vent session. Both. Either. Anything goes—it’s our club. No one can see you so you can wear what you want & talk about what you want.
  • Forums: To discuss whatever is on your Mama mind & in your Mama heart. Basically our own mom channel. Tune in when you want about what you want.
  • NSFW Mom talk. The things we all want to talk about but don’t want to talk about out loud. Sex? Incontinence? Body issues? (remember, you can be totally aMOMynous)
  • Mom friends (Hey, couples meet online! Why can’t mom friends “meet” (& stay!) online?)
  • Exclusive live chats with various special guests
  • Live video streams where you can ask what you want & I will answer and/or ask our special guest/podcast guest
  • Access to exclusive premium content. Bonus “MOMbers only” Podcasts released with each podcast episode
  • The opportunity to submit any questions you want answered directly to the podcast host (it me!) and the podcast guests. Have your questions asked & answered on-air—aMOMynously.
  • The chance to be a podcast guest on the C’MON MAMA podcast! Yes, I want to talk with REAL Moms like you & me…on-air. Sure, the podcast will have awesome “expert” guests but I think the most popular guests will end up being the “real” Mamas. And that’s you.

Can you tell me more about the Podcast?

It’ll be an extension of the C’MON MAMA community—the stuff you know & love. And it will pull from the stuff we talk about in aMOMynous. The feels, the love, the taboo, the funnies, and everything in between. I’ve got some badass Mama guests who’ll be on some episodes who yall will love.

And not just experts—everyday badass Mamas like you & me, too. And I mean literally you. I’m pulling “real Mamas” on the podcast and I cannot freaking wait. You’ll have a chance to chime in if you want. I. Cannot. Wait.

*As a part of aMOMynous, you’ll be able to submit yourself to be a guest on episodes that resonate with you. C’MON MAMA reserves full discretion to select the guests. You retain the right to use your name or be totally aMOMynous. You can make up a name. Or be Mama A B C D E F or G…you get the point.

Some of the things we will hit on in aMOMynous:

  • Mom Burnout
  • SAHM Life
  • Working Mom Life
  • Body Issues
  • Body Image
  • Marriage/Relationships
  • Pregnancy & Birth Stories
  • Labor & Delivery Tips
  • Skincare
  • Breast Implants & Explants
  • Sex (after baby, on the regular, you name it)
  • Breastfeeding
  • Vasectomies
  • Marriage
  • 4th Trimester
  • NSFW stuff
  • …and any other topics you want!

And some of the “field experts” we will bring in:

  • Skin Care Gurus
  • Marriage Counselor
  • Pediatric Nutritionist
  • Potty-training expert
  • Fitness guru
  • Urologist (incontinence for the Mamas & vasectomies for the Daddies)
  • Car Seat Safety Expert
  • Labor & Delivery nurse
  • OB (specializing in high-risk pregnancies)
  • Famous-ish Mamas (I know some peeps)
  • Boss Moms/Entrepreneurs
  • PPD Survivor & Advocate
  • YOU

There is no higher promotion than Motherhood.

It’s time we started acting like it.

JOIN aMOMynous:

Make your username as aMOMynous as you want. You can change it at any time. Emails are private & will never be publicly viewable.

(Don’t worry if you don’t see a confirmation immediately. It may take up to 24 hours. You can login during that time. Welcome to the Club, Mamas.)

*14 day free trial so you can test it out. If it’s not your thing, no worries. But if you need a place where you can talk about whatever you want with people who get it (other MAMAS), stick around…