Home Gifts & Guides Christmas Gift Ideas for Men (& stocking stuffers!)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men (& stocking stuffers!)


Coming in hot with the top Christmas Gift Ideas for Men!

Husbands, Dads, Grandads, Brothers, Uncles, Sons, Brothers-in-Law…there is something for every man in your life on this gift guide for men!

Christmas is just around the corner & if your husband is anything like mine, he is SUPER hard to buy for. Maybe because I feel like he already has everything so it’s impossible to find things to surprise him with that aren’t just novelty items. Don’t get me wrong—I love me some novelty items. At first. But months down the line I’m all “Can we get rid of this clutter we never use?”

I’m in no way a minimalist. But I do want to get them things they’ll actually use.

These Christmas gift ideas for men are all the things my hubby loves—& uses. Things I’ve bought for him & things he’s bought for himself. It’s Dad approved. Husband approved. And every other man-approved.

The all-around best Christmas Gifts for Him.

Pro Tip: If you see something you want, don’t wait—Buy it Now. Especially with the crazy, scary state of the world right now. Things are going quickly, stuff is getting delayed & selling out, & shipping times are changing by the minute.

Okay, let’s do this.



Wine Stopper: My husband is a wino. This is the best stopper we have ever found. Truly leakproof & you can even lay a bottle on its side with no spills. Works on all different sized bottles, including champagne! We have 3 of the “old” version (haven’t tried the new one yet).

Electric Wine Opener: I enjoy opening wine now. So maybe this is a slightly selfish one. But my husband LOVES it. So maybe it’s not. Super easy, super powerful.

Wine Foil Cutter: 2-pack and they work.

Meat Thermometer: If your Dad or Husband or Brother or any man in your life doesn’t have a good meat thermometer, ta-da! You’ve just found the perfect gift. And I’m not talking about a dinky one. I’m talking about a quality one. A solid meat thermometer is gold.

*And speaking of gold, the gold standard of meat thermometers (yes, it’s a thing) is the Thermapen. If he’s in big into grilling, BBQing, smoking meat, etc., he’ll likely know about the Thermapen…and want one. It’s not cheap, but it’s so legit. I bought one for my husband several years ago and—not going to lie—we had to buy a second one because I tried it one time when I was cooking chicken & it’s so easy & accurate that I never gave it back. So I had to buy him another one to keep at the grill. I used to overcook everything because I’d just guestimate. No more.

Coffee frother: If he likes coffee, he’ll love this. Sometimes we get fancy & make a latte. But mostly we use it to stir our delicious flavored creamer into my coffee. It’s easy. And weirdly fun. We use it every morning for every cup of coffee (so like 3-5 daily, ha)

The World’s Strongest Coffee: Add a tag that says “For the World’s Strongest Man.” Boom. This stuff is legit.

Big Yeti Cup: He uses it nearly daily for his coffee. He loves this larger size.

*Add these Vinyl letters for his initials to make it personalized for like $5.

Apron: Functional & good-looking. It’s waxed canvas so it’s super durable. And I’m telling you, it’s handsome.

Pizza Screen: If he has a Big Green Egg & you’ve had trouble trying to figure out how the heck to get the pizza out of the face-melting BGE, this is for him. Trust me. We tried everything before this (cornstarch, a giant flat spatula thing, you name it). This works every time & is also so easy to make the pizza on.

Legit Steak Knives: A few years ago my husband came home from his friend’s house raving about a set of steak knives that sliced through everything like butter. I called the friend & got the lowdown (they are $$$ & really are ridiculously amazing steak knives).

In doing my research, I discovered that Wüsthof makes a Classic knife line & a Gourmet Knife Line. Both are awesome, but the Classic line is the real deal because it’s fully forged as opposed to laser stamped….it’s heavier, sharper, and a lot more expensive.

*Here is the set of Gourmet Steak Knives if you don’t want to drop that much $ on knives.

Air Fryer: My Dad has this and RAVES about it.



Golf Cart Cup holders: HE LOVES THESE. I LOVE THESE. THE KIDS LOVE THESE. OUR FRIENDS LOVE THESE. If you have a golf cart & you need more cup holders, GET THESE. I’m not kidding when I tell you I ordered 6 different “universal cup holders” to try on our new golf cart that is severely lacking in cup space. We narrowed it down to this one & another one. Then we put them to use. The other one fell off frequently. These don’t budge. They’re sturdy, they’re stable, & they’re not going anywhere even when you fly over bumps. Yes, they hold the big Yetis. We have 5 of these on our golf cart.

Golf Cart Storage Box/Caddy: One more thing for the golf cart. Is it obvious we recently got a new golf cart? Thought so. Well, we love it but it is seriously storage & cup holder deficient. So once again, I ordered a bunch of little storage solutions to try (to hold stuff like sunglasses, garage opener, hand sani (we have kids), chapstick, etc. and this is the hands-down winner. All the ones that mount with the “strongest velcro or adhesive ever” … just no. They lasted for one day in the humidity where we live & just fell off. The way these mount to the bars of your golf cart is brilliant. We have one on each side. (it comes with a bunch of different size mounts so you can use the size that works for yours)

Cigar Golf Cart Clip: Okay I lied. This is the last golf cart thing. But this is not just a cart thing, it’s a golf thing. My husband only smokes a cigar when he plays golf. I asked him if I should add anything to this list and he said the “stage 5 clinger is a must.” Gotta admit, love the name.

YETI Backpack Cooler: One of the best things I’ve ever bought my hubs. Originally got it because we always rode our bikes to the beach & so a backpack cooler was a no-brainer. But NOW we use the heck out of it because we have kids & already don’t have enough arms as it is. This thing is a game changer & not too heavy to carry because the backpack style distributes the weight. Winner.

gifts for men cooler

Cooler + Dry Pack + Zinger Bottle Opener

YETI Bottle Opener: If the men in your life have any (soft) YETI cooler, get this awesome pull bottle opener. It is SO handy.

YETI Dry Bag: My husband specifically said he needed somewhere better to keep his phone & wallet dry & safe than just loosely tossed in our giant beach bag with all the things. I found this & it’s awesome. It attaches to a soft-sided cooler (like the backpack one above) & works like a charm. Plus, one less thing to carry since it latches on.

Sunscreen Flasks: This is a fun one. Exactly what it sounds like. Flasks that look like sunscreen bottles so you won’t get in trouble at the beach/pool. Totes a novelty item but he’s here for it. Love that this set comes with a tiny funnel & seals.

Boat Dry Box: I looked for something just like this for our boat for years. Simple but perfect.

Boat erasers: Basically just Magic Erasers for the boat. Brilliant.

Corn Hole Boards: If he doesn’t have a set, get these & call it a day. My hub’s fave “lawn” game to play. Awesome easy & fun game to play with friends & even kids.

*Take it up a notch with LED board lights. Go for just the ring light or light up the whole board.

Bocce Ball: Another classic. My hub’s fave beach game. Also just a super fun game to play with others. Great for family get-togethers, etc. You need a larger space to play Bocce than corn hole, so keep that in mind.

The resin set is the classic heavy bocce ball set. This is the one we’ve always had. But, they also have a lighter rubber one that would be easier to transport & better to play with kids.

Up the ante: We also have this light-up bocce set. It’s just plain fun.



Bluetooth Ear Buds: My husband LOVES his. He wanted some for the gym. They work great and he just leaves them charging in his car. He regular talks about how much he loves these. A+. (Update: He loved these so much I bought myself a pair & they’re amazing. The charge lasts foreverrrrr.)

Couch Blanket Big Enough for Him: Years ago my husband said all he wanted was a blanket big enough for him on the couch. And I realized that he was so right. He’s a big guy & all our blankets were like my-size throw blankets. So I got him the 96×80″ and it’s been the entire family’s favorite blanket for 5+ years now. My husband still uses it almost nightly.

Lens Wipes: Not a sexy gift. Unless you put a “So you can see me better. Rawr.” message with it or something. But a useful gift. I bought these on a whim for my hubby for Christmas & it turned out he was so pumped about them because he wears glasses & can never get them really clean. I had no idea he’d even like them. He loved them. I’ve stolen a ton for my sunnies and they really are golden.

Rocketbook: Basically a magic notebook. Honestly, it’s just really super cool.

Hanging Toiletry Bag: Looks awesome, super high quality, great size & holds a ton. Terrific travel bag, or even to throw in his gym bag.

Porch/Patio Heater: This is the basic mushroom one you see at restaurants and it’s the best & most reliable. We’ve tried the cool looking ones with fire running up the middle & they 1) don’t put out as much heat and 2) are so finicky. This one works.

Air Compressor: My husband talks about how much he loves this thing every single time he uses it. And I have to say, it really is super useful. It comes with a bunch of adapters so you can inflate car tires, bike tires, stroller tires, sports balls, beach balls, giant swan floats, inflatable pools, etc. etc. And you can just enter the PSI you want it to inflate to & it’ll do it automatically. TBH, we use it all the time.

gifts for men air compressor

Putting that air compressor to good use.

Firewood Stand: Have it. Love it. Looks so much nicer than a pile on the floor + the cover keeps the wood from getting wet.

If you have a little walk from the spot you keep your wood to the fire place/pit, he’ll love this log tote.

Fire Poker/Stoker: It’s a poker. It’s a stoker. It’s cool. It seriously has a built-in air valve that you can use to stoke the fire. It also is extra long so you don’t have to get too close.

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks: These are so handy. We got them for my hubs & then when my Dad saw them he had a fit over them. So guess what he’s getting this year? *These make a great gift from the kids.

Magic Fire Starters: If you burn fires inside or bonfires outside, look no further & grab a couple boxes of these babies. They work like a charm. *Also, they’re natural & don’t emit chemical fumes like many starter logs. I never thought twice about that stuff pre-kids. I do now.

***If you want to blow his mind, skip everything else & just get this setup:

gift ideas for men outdoor projector

We have an epic outdoor projector setup. It’s AMAZING. So fun to do for movies, sports, you name it. It’s honestly just SO. MUCH. FUN. Our kids love it. We love it. Our friends love it.

So, if you’re looking for a killer Christmas gift for Him, this setup takes the cake.

Below is everything—and I mean everything—you need.

Projector: This projector I can promise you is unbeatable; its price is comparable with allll the others in the same echelon but it performs so much better. I’ve had zero connectivity issues & the brightness was seriously 80% better on this one than all 5 of the others. It works in broad daylight which is amazing for front projection. (We have the XGA model. It has higher resolution than the SVGA. The WXGA has the highest resolution & is widescreen formatted. I’m very happy with the XGA. I think the brightness is the same on all.)

*We use our firestick with it but you can plug in a phone or computer with HMDI adapter. The firestick is only $30 & just makes it so easy for Netflix, Disney +, Youtube, YoutubeTV (helloooo sports!), Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

Screen: We have this screen in the 80″ 16:9 configuration. We’ve had it for 3+ years & it has been awesome. There is zero setup and I think that’s why we use it so often, it’s just so easy.
*Here are 2 other options that are more reasonable & get really great reviews that I would look at today if we didn’t have a screen already: Tripod Base Screen, 2-legged Screen
Stand: This stand is great. I always used to prop the projector on whatever I had around (ie, random boxes) but i wish i had bought the stand years ago because it’s so much easier to get the right height, etc. Plus it’s really stable. Also the way the legs adjust at 2 different spots on all 3 legs makes it so much easier to get the right angle—especially on uneven ground.
Long AUX Cable: If you want to hook up to a louder speaker (that’s what we do), you need an AUX cable.  You can use a short AUX cable & put the speaker right by the projector or you can use a long one to put the speaker somewhere else further from the projector. It doesn’t have bluetooth speaker connection (none of the ones I tried did), so you need an AUX cord.


3 outlet Extension Cord: I love this one because it has the 3 outlets I need for projector, speaker, and Firestick.

Case: Love this case because we like just pulling one thing out & having everything we need. It has little areas for organizing the remotes, cords, etc.



Silicone Wedding Rings: True Story, my husband has lost 3 real wedding rings. The first one was engraved. I didn’t bother engraving the other 2. Thankfully, I never spent a lot on his rings. He always just wanted a basic titanium/tungsten one. BUT, I smarted up and bought him this silicone ring years ago. He loved it. Then he lost it. (In his defense, he wears his ring to work but then takes it off for surgery & puts it in his pocket. If he didn’t wear it to work this wouldn’t be a problem, so I can’t reallyyyy be upset.)

For our 8th wedding anniversary I got him the copper-colored one (copper anniversary!) For Valentine’s Day last year I bought him 3. His new favorite is the blue. This brand is comfier to him than several of the other brands we tried because the edges taper so it’s not as tight or bulky, according to him.

*Pro tip: It’s free returns on these (thanks Amazon!), so you might want to order a couple sizes to have on hand to try for him and then you can just send the extras back. Also, you can pull/stretch them some before you wear them & that helps it be extra comfy.

World’s Okayest Dad Shirt: My husband bought this for himself when I found out I was pregnant with our first. 5+ years later it’s still one of his all-time faves.

The Golf Father Shirt: For all the golfers out there. My husband & Dad both love this shirt.

That’s what She Said Shirt: I gave this to my husband for Father’s Day 2 years ago & he lovedddd it. Still wears it all the time. The way it’s written is clever.

I Just Can’t Faux Nike Shirt: This is the only thing on this entire list that doesn’t have free Prime shipping on Amazon. But I loved it too much to pass up, so I paid for shipping for I think the first time ever on Amazon. Worth it. It’s one of my Father’s Day gifts for my hubby this year & I know he’s going to love it.

Athletic Shorts: My husband has worn the same 2 pairs for 10 years. He recently commented he needed some new ones in the mix. Bingo.

Fun Boxer Briefs: You can’t go wrong. You know he’ll wear them. And he’ll love these cheeky designs.

If you want something a little less fun/funny but still great for a Christmas gift, check out these.

Father/Kid Matching Pizza Shirt Set: Cutest thing ever. Great for Dads with babies or young kids.

Goorin Bros Trucker Hat: A million designs to choose from. Some classic, some hilarious. Especially great for fishermen & hunters.



Giant Block of Soap: This is my go-to gift for my husband. For every holiday, birthday, etc. Yes, it’s $10 for soap, which sounds expensive until you realize it’s like the size of 8 bars. He loves it and dare I say he always looks forward to it/counts on it.

*For the hunters out there, check out this one!

Long Phone Charger: My husband loves this 6′ phone charger. So we can charge them while we use them in bed. Sexy. #marriedlifebelike (Get this one for Android users)

Portable Charging Bank: No cords to carry around with him, everything is attached. So brilliant. So convenient. Just make sure you get the correct cord combo (it has a few options).

Book light: I gave this to my husband for Christmas last year. It has 3 brightness levels and both a warm & cool light option. Plus, the charge lasts forever (& it’s rechargeable).

*If you want one to travel with, get this one.

“Manly” Hand Sanitizer: GET THIS. First of all, I love it & it’s the only antibacterial sani we’ve used since the pandemic began. My brother-in-law gave me a bottle & I was immediately hooked. It’s SO convenient. I love the spray top, love the size, love how quickly it dries. My husband has one in his car & one in his golf bag. (We also have one in the garage, one in the golf cart, and of course one in my car). He will get a kick out of it, too.

Rechargeable Hand Warmer: I scoffed at this when I first saw it. Like, why wouldn’t you just get a bunch of cheap Hot Hands? Then I read the reviews and promptly bought one for my husband for Christmas this year….andddd then I bought 3 more for my kids & me. The reviews are insane. I can totally see us all using this. My husband when he play golf for sure, and the rest of us on golf cart rides, stroller walks, regular walks, in our pockets at the playground, while watching sports practice, etc.

“Cigar” Pretzel Sticks: Warning. These are deliciously addictive. He will have a fit over them. They LOOK incredible & they TASTE incredible. Very manly & very fun. You could even split up the package of 12 & give a few to each man in your life! Just maybe stash a couple for yourself before putting them in his stocking, because omg YUM. (Note: You can do with or without the “Dad” labels, depending on who they’re for)

*These also make an excellent gift to mail! They come so cutely packaged & you can ship straight to the recipient. Guaranteed to be a hit!

Gum: Always a good little stocking stuffer.

gifts for men kids hugging dad

There you have it. My ultimate Christmas Gift Ideas for Men. Shop away!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

OH! And if your kids are in the Santa/Elf on the Shelf age range, you def need to check out these 10 Can’t Miss Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Men (& stocking stuffers!)

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