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Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Coming in hot with a Father’s Day Gift Guide for Husbands & Dads…

Father’s Day is just around the corner & if your husband is anything like mine, he is SUPER hard to buy for. Maybe because I feel like he already has everything so it’s impossible to find things to surprise him with that aren’t just novelty items. Don’t get me wrong—I love me some novelty items. At first. But months down the line I’m all “Can we get rid of this clutter we never use?”

I’m in no way a minimalist. But I do want to get them things they’ll actually use.

This Father’s Day Gift Guide has all the things my hubby loves & uses. Things I’ve bought for him & things he’s bought for himself. It’s Dad approved. And Husband approved. The all-around best Gifts for Him.

Okay, let’s do this.



Wine Stopper: My husband is a wino. This is the best stopper we have ever found. Truly leakproof & you can even lay a bottle on its side with no spills. Works on all different sized bottles, including champagne! We have 3 of the “old” version (haven’t tried the new one yet).

Electric Wine Opener: I enjoy opening wine now. So maybe this is a slightly selfish one. But my husband LOVES it. So maybe it’s not. Super easy, super powerful.

Wine Foil Cutter: 2-pack and they work.

Meat Thermometer: I your Dad or Husband or Brother or any man in your life doesn’t have a good meat thermometer, ta-da! You’ve just found the perfect gift. (also, not going to lie, we had to buy a second one because I gave this to my husband & then tried it one time when I was cooking chicken & it is so easy & accurate that I never gave it back. So I bought him another one to keep at the grill. I used to overcook everything because I’d just eyeball it. No more.)

Coffee frother: If he likes coffee, he’ll love this. Sometimes we get fancy & make a latte. But mostly we use it to stir our delicious flavored creamer into my coffee. It’s easy. And weirdly fun. We use it every morning for every cup of coffee (so like 3-5 daily, ha)

The World’s Strongest Coffee: Add a tag that says “For the World’s Strongest Man.” Boom. This stuff is legit.

Big Yeti Cup: He uses it nearly daily for his coffee. He loves this larger size.

*Add these Vinyl letters for his initials to make it personalized for like $5.

Pizza Screen: If he has a Big Green Egg & you’ve had trouble trying to figure out how the heck to get the pizza out of the face-melting BGE, this is for him. Trust me. We tried everything before this (cornstarch, a giant flat spatula thing, you name it). This works every time & is also so easy to make the pizza on.

Legit Steak Knives: A few years ago my husband came home from his friend’s house raving about a set of steak knives that sliced through everything like butter. I called the friend & got the lowdown (they are $$$ & really are ridiculously amazing steak knives).

In doing my research, I discovered that Wüsthof makes a Classic knife line & a Gourmet Knife Line. Both are awesome, but the Classic line is the real deal because it’s fully forged as opposed to laser stamped….it’s heavier, sharper, and a lot more expensive.

*Here is the set of Gourmet Steak Knives if you don’t want to drop that much $ on knives.



Golf Cart Cup holders: HE LOVES THESE. I LOVE THESE. THE KIDS LOVE THESE. OUR FRIENDS LOVE THESE. If you have a golf cart & you need more cup holders, GET THESE. I’m not kidding when I tell you I ordered 6 different “universal cup holders” to try on our new golf cart that is severely lacking in cup space. We narrowed it down to this one & another one. Then we put them to use. The other one fell off frequently. These don’t budge. They’re sturdy, they’re stable, & they’re not going anywhere even when you fly over bumps. Yes, they hold the big Yetis. We have 5 of these on our golf cart.

Golf Cart Storage Box/Caddy: One more thing for the golf cart. Is it obvious we recently got a new golf cart? Thought so. Well, we love it but it is seriously storage & cup holder deficient. So once again, I ordered a bunch of little storage solutions to try (to hold stuff like sunglasses, garage opener, hand sani (we have kids), chapstick, etc. and this is the hands-down winner. All the ones that mount with the “strongest velcro or adhesive ever” … just no. They lasted for one day in the humidity where we live & just fell off. The way these mount to the bars of your golf cart is brilliant. We have one on each side. (it comes with a bunch of different size mounts so you can use the size that works for yours)

Cigar Golf Cart Clip: Okay I lied. This is the last golf cart thing. But this is not just a cart thing, it’s a golf thing. My husband only smokes a cigar when he plays golf. I asked him if I should add anything to this list and he said the “stage 5 clinger is a must.” Gotta admit, love the name.

YETI Backpack Cooler: One of the best things I’ve ever bought my hubs. Originally got it because we always rode our bikes to the beach & so a backpack cooler was a no-brainer. But NOW we use the heck out of it because we have kids & already don’t have enough arms as it is. This thing is a game changer & not too heavy to carry because the backpack style distributes the weight. Winner.

Cooler + Dry Pack + Zinger Bottle Opener

YETI Bottle Opener: If the men in your life have any (soft) YETI cooler, get this awesome pull bottle opener. It is SO handy.

YETI Dry Bag: My husband specifically said he needed somewhere better to keep his phone & wallet dry & safe than just loosely tossed in our giant beach bag with all the things. I found this & it’s awesome. It attaches to a soft-sided cooler (like the backpack one above) & works like a charm. Plus, one less thing to carry since it latches on.

Sunscreen Flasks: This is a fun one. Exactly what it sounds like. Flasks that look like sunscreen bottles so you won’t get in trouble at the beach/pool. Totes a novelty item but he’s here for it. Love that this set comes with a tiny funnel & seals.

The Golf Father Shirt: For all the golfers out there. My husband & Dad both love this shirt.

Swim Trunks: Tons of great designs, perfect length, so comfy, & look grrreat.

Father & Son Matching Swim Trunks: Guys, I’ve finally found some. After a longggg search. Cutest ever. Perfect Father’s Day gift. Get the Dad swim trunks here & the kid swim trunks here.



Giant Block of Soap: This is my go-to gift for my husband. For every holiday, birthday, etc. Yes, it’s $10 for soap, which sounds expensive until you realize it’s like the size of 8 bars. He loves it and dare I say he always looks forward to it/counts on it.

Long Phone Charger: My husband loves this 6′ phone charger. So we can charge them while we use them in bed. Sexy. #marriedlifebelike (Get this one for Android users)

Bluetooth Ear Buds: My husband LOVES his. He wanted some for the gym. They work great and he just leaves them charging in his car. He regular talks about how much he loves these. A+. (Update: He loved these so much I bought myself a pair & they’re amazing. The charge lasts foreverrrrr.)

Porch/Patio Heater: This is the basic mushroom one you see at restaurants and it’s the best & most reliable. We’ve tried the cool looking ones with fire running up the middle & they 1) don’t put out as much heat and 2) are so finicky. This one works.

Air Compressor: My husband talks about how much he loves this thing every single time he uses it. And I have to say, it really is super useful. It comes with a bunch of adapters so you can inflate car tires, bike tires, stroller tires, sports balls, beach balls, giant swan floats, inflatable pools, etc. etc. And you can just enter the PSI you want it to inflate to & it’ll do it automatically. TBH, we use it all the time.

Putting that air compressor to good use.

Lens Wipes: Not a sexy gift. Unless you put a “So you can see me better. Rawr.” message with it or something. But a useful gift. I bought these on a whim for my hubby for Christmas & it turned out he was so pumped about them because he wears glasses & can never get them really clean. I had no idea he’d even like them. He loved them. I’ve stolen a ton for my sunnies and they really are golden.

Rocketbook: Basically a magic notebook. Honestly, it’s just really super cool.

Couch Blanket Big Enough for Him: Years ago my husband said all he wanted was a blanket big enough for him on the couch. And I realized that he was so right. He’s a big guy & all our blankets were like my-size throw blankets. So I got him the 96×80″ and it’s been the entire family’s favorite blanket for 5+ years now. My husband still uses it almost nightly.



Silicone Wedding Rings: True Story, my husband has lost 3 real wedding rings. The first one was engraved. I didn’t bother engraving the other 2. Thankfully, I never spent a lot on his rings. He always just wanted a basic titanium/tungsten one. BUT, I smarted up and bought him this silicone ring years ago. He loved it. Then he lost it. (In his defense, he wears his ring to work but then takes it off for surgery & puts it in his pocket. If he didn’t wear it to work this wouldn’t be a problem, so I can’t reallyyyy be upset.)

For our 8th wedding anniversary I got him the copper-colored one (copper anniversary!) For Valentine’s Day last year I bought him 3. His new favorite is the blue. This brand is comfier to him than several of the other brands we tried because the edges taper so it’s not as tight or bulky, according to him.

*Pro tip: It’s free returns on these (thanks Amazon!), so you might want to order a couple sizes to have on hand to try for him and then you can just send the extras back. Also, you can pull/stretch them some before you wear them & that helps it be extra comfy.

World’s Okayest Dad Shirt: My husband bought this for himself when I found out I was pregnant with our first. 5+ years later it’s still one of his all-time faves.

That’s what She Said Shirt: I gave this to my husband for Father’s Day 2 years ago & he lovedddd it. Still wears it all the time. The way it’s written is clever.

I Just Can’t Faux Nike Shirt: This is the only thing on this entire list that doesn’t have free Prime shipping on Amazon. But I loved it too much to pass up, so I paid for shipping for I think the first time ever on Amazon. Worth it. It’s one of my Father’s Day gifts for my hubby this year & I know he’s going to love it.

Fun Boxer Briefs: You can’t go wrong. You know he’ll wear them. And he’ll love these cheeky designs.

If you want something a little less fun/funny but still great for a Father’s Day gift, check out these.

Father/Kid Matching Pizza Shirt Set: Cutest thing ever. Great for Dads with babies or young kids.

Goorin Bros Trucker Hat: A million designs to choose from. Some classic, some hilarious. Especially great for fishermen & hunters.

**You can also get a Father’s Day card onlineI know, I know. But crazy times likes worldwide quarantine call for crazy measures like not going anywhere you don’t have to. But anyway, trust me on this—the selection of Father’s Day cards is amaze (everything from super sweet to hilariously inappropriate) & the prices are better than most store prices for cards! So order your Father’s Day gifts, your Father’s Day cards, and voilà. You’re done. And you nailed it.

fathers day gifts kids hugging dad

(Any suggestions for best gifts for Dads I should add to this Father’s Day Gift Guide?)

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And for the best gifts for kids, check out my Ultimate Kids Gift Guide!


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This Father\'s Day Gift Guide has gift ideas for men that they\'ll love & USE. And the perfect gifts for Him: the man who is impossible to buy for because he has everything. Dad AND Husband approved.

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