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Others have worn masks daily for years. Now it’s our turn.


This is my husband. He’s a surgeon. He constantly wears a mask for work. And has for 15+ years.

Why does he wear it? To protect his patients. To protect their opened up organs & wounds from droplets, coughs, sneezes, and general contamination.

In fact, every single person in the OR wears one for the very same reason. For us—the patients.

And if he’s operating on you, I’d be willing to bet you want him wearing that mask. You wouldn’t want him to cough into your body & cause an infection. Would you?

He wears masks for 12+ hours straight some days, only taking one off to put on another.

Before you say it, yes—the mask is also to protect him from any body fluids getting into his orifices. When he’s actively operating he wears goggles, too. And as his wife, you bet I want him to. Of course I want him to protect himself as much as possible.

He is just one of millions of people who wear masks for their job every single day.

Nurses, techs, construction workers, dentists, nail techs, hygienists, lawn care workers, janitors, painters, food servers, carpenters, exterminators, lab staff…to name a few. I’m sure I forgot many.

All those people aren’t wearing masks for no reason. They’re wearing them because masks offer some form of protection from whatever it is they may be doing—or whoever it is they may be seeing.

So when we rebuff masks as not effective, think about sitting in the dentist chair & having them breathe all over you.

When we argue that masks don’t protect the other person, think about having your body splayed open & your surgeon asking for an instrument & speech droplets falling right over that cut.

When we counter that masks don’t protect us, think of the person removing the asbestos or black mold from your house. Heck, even the painter wearing a mask to help shield the fumes.

And when we complain that we can’t breathe after wearing a mask for 2 minutes, think of the person in the blazing sun all day doing manual labor while wearing a mask.

And if it’s too hard to generalize things and you need a face to think of—you can think of my husband. That’s his daily masked-up face up there.

He’s not some kind of martyr for wearing a mask. He’s just doing exactly what he should. Just like all those others.

And the stance that wearing a mask increases CO2 intake to dangerous levels? Well 1st) that’s wildly inaccurate and 2nd) even if that were true (it’s not), maybe ask why it’s okay to let people in all these professions wear masks for hours daily? For years. Since people are suddenly so impassioned about it now, where has this mask activism been for others all these years?

Basically, we just need to think of others. That’s really what this all boils down to.

I mean, I’m thinking of myself, too—don’t get me wrong. And when I put masks on my kids I’m thinking about protecting them.

But for those people who don’t think masks provide any protection during this pandemic & don’t want to wear a mask to protect themselves, don’t. Wear it to protect the others.

We should think of the ones who have always worn a mask for us. And the ones who are putting on a mask now for the first time in their lives.

For us & for themselves.

And for the record, I do believe that wearing a mask during this pandemic helps protect everyone & curb the spread of Covid. But, I realize I’m not a physician or a scientist. I’m not aggregating and analyzing the data as it comes in. Are you?

So instead I base my decision to wear a mask on the fact that if there is even the teeniest, tiniest possibility that wearing a mask helps limit the spread of Covid and protect ourselves and others, that’s enough for me.

Because if those of us wearing masks are wrong, what’s the worst that happened? We wore a piece of fabric on our face for a few months?

But if those of us not wearing masks are wrong, what’s the worst that happened? We spread this virus & contributed to exponential infections?

I’ll take the fabric over the guilt.


No I don’t normally write about stuff like this, but nothing about any of this is normal. Now back to regular programming…

I usually talk about Motherhood > Are you a SAHM? Have you yelled at your kids? (I did & what happened after shocked me) Are you a Mom raising a black son?


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Others have worn masks daily for years. Now it\'s our turn.

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Charlotte Hardin July 10, 2020 - 7:12 pm

Well said!!!

C'MON MAMA July 12, 2020 - 3:43 pm

Thank you thank you thank you ❤️❤️❤️


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